Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hunter's 1st day of school.

What a great 1st day of Kindergarten picture. He looks like he just got trapped in a pair of headlights. LOL I took many many picts and these were the best of them all. The 2nd one looks like he's ready to be searched. Oh well!!!

So Hunter is in the afternoon kindergarten class. School starts at 12:15 and ends at 3:00pm. He did very good. I took him up to the playground which is in front of his classroom. He asked me to stay and watch him play. After several minutes of playing he came back to me , held my hand and asked if I could stay all day with him. I must have given him a good little pep talk as he took off playing again. When the teacher came out and blew the whistle he came running back to me. I helped him find his line and stood next to him until his teacher started leading everyone in. The little girl in front of him was in tears, her mom was in tears and this mom almost lost it but she held out till she got to the car. He's definetly not my baby anymore. I've come to the terms that he's not a toddler any more either. He's most definetly a little boy who's growing up too fast. But who's kids don't right??? He was excited to get to school today so yesterday must have been pretty good for him.


Camille said...

you are so funny. I am just like my mom I guees, because it doesn't make me that sad to see them grow up and go off to school. Well it does but not like most moms. I am so excited for Carlaya to start kindergarten and I really do hope for a full day of kindergarten, but that isn't every school in nevada yet, so we'll see. he he he
That is sad though that he wanted you to stay. Carlaya is shy, but VERY independent, so we'll see how this year of preschool goes.