Friday, August 01, 2008

Is it $50 worth?

I don't think I'm very creative. I can't come up with cool ideas but when I see one I feel like I can generally copy it. I saw these outfits on ebay a few days ago and just couldn't believe that they were being listed for $49.99. There was one outfit about to end and the price was up to $75. Who spends that kind of money on 1 outfit that will be too small for their child in about 9 months? Anyways I spent the $3.00 on the fabric I used, $2.50 for the shirt and another $2.50 on the pants at Stepping Stones (thrift store). It cost me about $8 and it took me about 5 hours. 5 hours is a little long being I did this project on a sewing machine I had never used. It took me a while to figure out the tension using an awsome foot pedal that gathers the material. Regardless I love the outfit. I originally made it thinking Maddie would use this as her 1st day of school outfit. Seeing it turned out just as cute as those on ebay I'm wondering if I could sell it. Even if I only sold it for $30. I am definetly going to go through the fabric I already have and make another one.


lundgrenville said...

That outfit is so darn cute. I didnt know you knew had to sew so well. Thats awesome! So cute! I would list it for $35-40 atleast if the others are going for $50 or higher. You never know!!

Camille said...

Yeah that is sooo crazy that they are listed for $50 but obviously people are paying that, so give it a shot!!
You are so good at sewing!! You did a great job!