Friday, October 03, 2008

"I'm not tired", says Hunter.

For as long as I can remember Hunter's woken up at the crack of dawn. I think we trained him to do this when he was just a baby and I was working full time. I had to have him at the sitters at 7:30am so I would wake him up between6-6:30. ANYWAYS... So what seems like forever now he comes into my room about 6am every morning and asks,"Is it wake up time?". My response is usually, "is the sun up?" Unfortunately his answer is usually a yes. So for an hour he gets to watch cartoons or play the WII without his sister's opinions.

About once a month he gets incredibly tired. He whines, crys throws a tantrum, you name it. It's on days like this that I make him lay down. So the other day he was having one of his tired days and I asked him to go lay down. He threw a fit and kept saying he wasn't tired. He wasn't in his room to long when I went in to check on him. You know to make sure he was on his bed and not playing quietly in the corner. This is what I found. At first I didn't think he was asleep, but he was!!!
And he says he wasn't tired!!!!


Camille said...

uuuh? YUP, thats TIRED alright! LOL So funny....
He's got a cute little bed! I like that!