Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

I see I posted the picts backward today. Meaning the story will be told backwards. I wanted post these picts today and don't have the time to redo the picts. You understand!!!
I think Maddies turned out very well. Daddy helped her cut it out. This is one proud girl who makes sure to ask each guest arriving at our door if they saw "HER" pumpkin?

Suprisingly Hunter really didn't care for scooping the inside out. It took quite a bit of convincing to get him to do it. This is the kid that loves to cover himself in mud as many of you have seen pictures of this in previous posts. He chose the skull in front of bones. His pumpkin shows me how much he's growing up. What happened to the cutsie little boy images??

Maddie unlike her brother didn't have a problem with getting her hands dirty. Not only did she do her own but she also helped big brother. Sweet sister!!

Emily didn't like to touch the insides either. Once she saw everyone else cutting the pumpkin she found her own little tool that no one else was using and kept poking at the pumpkins. She thought she was in heaven and kept asking everyone to look me, look me, look me!!!!

When Hunter and I were finished with his pumpkin he helped his daddy come up with ideas for his own. Our plan was to do this tonight for family home evening. However, during church we were told we were going to be asked to do something different for family home evening with other families in the ward. We would be contacted later that day with more info. So we decided to carve our pumpkins sunday afternoon.

Tonight for family home evening each family has been put into groups (other families that live near by) Our group has been given 200 flyers supporting the marriage propostition. We have been assigned certain streets all within the ward boundaries and will be hanging them on every front door. It will be an interesting evening.


Ruth said...

Cute Pumpkins! I hope all went well with the flier delivery!

Bunting Family said...

Hunter reminds me so much of Matthew! What cute pumpkins, I love a fun family tradition.

lundgrenville said...

Cute Pumpkins. They turned out great! :) Thats what we did for Family Home Evening!! :)