Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Our 4-ward Trunk-or-Treat started at 5:30 this year. An hour earlier then previous years. Hunter was planning on being a mummy, Maddie a witch but literally less then 10min. before we were walking out the door they both decided to be something else. Hunter "The Rock Man" and Maddie "Cinderella". Those who know my Maddie knows that Cinderella is her favorite Princess. Somehow we pulled it off. Maddie wanted her face to look just like the girls on the package of paint so thats what we did. Emily was a griaffe this year. I found her costume at a thrift store for $4.99 brand new with tags. The giraffe's head was a little big and kept falling off her head. We got tired of fighting the giraffes head so she walked around like this.

This is what the parking lot looked like at 6:00. Usually Trunk-or-treating hasn't started until 6:30. Having it start at 5:30 must not have gotten around very well. After Trunk-or-treating we hit a local neighborhood that has sidewalks and streetlights for the kids to go door to door. This was their first year doing the traditional door to door thing. They absolutely loved it. They want to do this again.

All 3 kids came home with enough candy to last a while.

Maddie wanted me to take a picture of her princess make-up. Daddy called it something else. As long as she had fun I don't care how her makeup looks. She was very pleased that her make-up looked exactly like the girls on the package of make-up.

Emily of course was thrilled with the candy she was given. It was fun to see her get into it this year. She learned quickly to hold her bag open to get candy. Every time candy was put in her bag she'd have to inspect it first and then run to the next car. Overall it was a great evening and I'm glad it's over. I can now put all our Halloween decorations away and pull out our fall decor.


Camille said...

what a fun night...your kids are cute. I can't believe you are so nice to have let them change at last minute. :) I wouldn't be so nice....but I'm a MEAN MAMA! LOL
Door to door is just soooo fun! We missed the trunk or treat this year and last. Carlaya did it when she was 2 but Noah has never done it. Just door to door and WE LOVE THAT!

lundgrenville said... the costumes. It looks like everyone had tons of fun!

Ruth said...

They all look great! Not everyone has a Cinderella costume ready to go at the drop of a hat! It's so good when they all have a great time! Our Christopher hadn't had a nap so he was cranky the whole night. But everyone else had fun!