Monday, November 24, 2008

A mile stone for Emily...

This picture was taken of Emily much earlier this year but it was the best I could find of her smiling face and actually looking at the camera. This only happens on very rare occasions lately. She does not like the camera.For quite some time now everytime I would leave Emily she would cry. It didn't matter if she was left with her dad, a teenage babysitter or even a friend of mommy's. Thank goodness she doesn't give her dad any trouble anymore but as far as everyone else she just doesn't like it when I leave her. I was asked to be the Nursery Leader when she was 14mo. and so since then she has been attending Nursery. About 3 months ago I was released. Emily of course has since then had a very hard time attending nursery. The 1st hour daddy stays with her and then I stay with her the last hour.

I volunteer in Hunter's kindergarten classroom once a week. During that time I leave my girls with a good friend who has girls of her own about the same ages. And every week I talk to Emily about how she's going to go play at Amber's house. Every time I mention it she begins to cry. She cry's all the way to her house saying, "NO Amber's house, NO Amber's house." Needless to say I don't leave her very happy but when I pick her up she's once again happy and ready to go home.

Being Emily's been around Amber's mommy quite a bit we asked her to take Emily to nursery a few weeks ago just to see what would happen. She fussed a little when I turned her over but she didn't cry. Amber's mommy ended up needing to help in the Nursery class and so stayed the 1st hour. Emily cried when she left but she stayed by herself until church was over. This I believe is day that Emily began to change.

Since then Emily doesn't cry when left at Amber's house. In fact she walks/runs through the front door. This was a mile stone in itself.

Saturday I asked a young girl in our ward to babysit so we could go see Twighlight. I was very nervous. We left Emily a few weeks ago with another teenage babysitter and it didn't go very well. We were gone for about 2 hours and received several calls from the sitter saying Emily just wouldn't quit crying. With previous sitters we didn't get the phone calls but were told she cried almost the entire time we were gone. But Saturday afternoon we left her sitting at the table eating a popsicle and she didn't cry. We didn't get a single phone call and all the kids agreed with the sitter that she didn't cry once. YEAH!!!!! This means Kory and I will finally begin to be able to have dates a little more often then once every quarter.

Sunday she walked into Nursery all by herself, no tears. Kory was the one who took her. He says she gave him her terrified look but then turned around and walked in when her Nursery teacher called her name. Yeah!!! We are both soo soo excited. I am so thankful this paticular stage of Emily's is over. Or so we hope!


Camille said...

WOW! Don't you love it when you feel like you are finally making headway! Good girl Emily! Getting so big!
Congrats Tina- I know what that is like. We are just breaking through with Noah and his nursery AND sitters as well. :)