Friday, November 21, 2008


Thursday was my last day of preschool till next year. We praticed writing in our notebooks. They look like they are all concentrating so hard.

We made our very own turkey to take home to display. This is my Maddie hiding behind her's.

On tuesday I sent each child home with a feather. They were asked to bring it back on thursday decorated for our big class turkey. Every child returned with their decorated feather. They all did a good job. We mom's must have had the same thought as everyone but one used glitter.

We played bingo using candy corn as our markers. Only 2 of the 6 kids like this candy. So when the game was over these lucky 2 collected all the candy corns to take home. I'm sure there mom's really appreciate the sugar high I sent them home with.

During our preschool day the kids wore there Pilgrim hats.

For snack we ate pilgrim hats. Instead of the candy corn I was suppose to put a little yellow square for the hat buckle. I know I already had decorating yellow frosting in my cupboard but for the life of me I couldn't find it when I needed it. So I improvised and used a candy corn instead. It was a very yummy treat for all.


Ruth said...

You are just so clever! I love all these ideas!

lundgrenville said...

What cute ideas...:)

Camille said...

cute cute. You are just way to creative. I just don't have the mind for kid crafts or preschool ideas for that matter....