Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Front Yard

This month celebrates 2 years in our home. In the past 2 years we have brought in 5 loads of dirt, 2 loads of AB (for the driveway), moved the culvert, extended the culvert, and moved the driveway to the other side of the house making room for our garden. Last fall we started building our rock wall seperating the front yard and the driveway. For one reason or another it turned into an unfinished project. My dad and sister Hanna have been here visiting and with there help the wall is nearly finished and the landscaping has once again began. On monday with everyones help the wall was dug out. Cement was poured,

rocks were placed,

more dirt dug out,

and many, many more rocks were placed.

Tuesday and Wednesday the yard was leveled, plastic layed and rocks were purchased.

Kory's truck being parked in the middle of the yard prevented from taking some good picts. Tommorrow morning one more load of AB will be brought home for the driveway. Rocks will be brought home during the lunch break and another load after work. 2 more loads should about cover the front yard. Once the driveway is leveled again we can top the rock wall and then that will be completed. All I can say is it's really looking good. Being our monsoon season has begun it will be great not having so much mud being tracked into the house. Thankyou Dad and Hanna for all the help you've given us while you've been here.


Camille said...

wow thats cool- what a project. I am excited to see you house. I can't believe we still haven't seen it after 2 whole years! We are bad. I think we're the only ones who haven't seen it! :(
We'll see it saturday afternoon!

Janet said...

That looks like a big project, but it turned out really nice. Wow, since I got your blog, I have had contact with a lot of family in Orderville and it has been great. The graduation pictures were also so cute. Take care!

Ruth said...

Isn't it nice to have your yard look pretty! Although the yard work never seems to stop. You'll have to post some of the finished project for us! It's looking good!