Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maddie's Kindergarten Shots

It seems like I just did this with Hunter. Several weeks ago I registered Maddie for kindergarten for this upcoming year. 2 weeks ago Maddie received a letter from her future school welcoming her and reminding her that she needed to get her shots before school started.

My sister Hanna is visiting with us so I made Maddie's appt with her being here. This way I won't have to take everyone with us. I was quite nervous for this appt. beacuse the last time I took Maddie in she *FREAKED*. Emily was with us and I had her got 1st. When Maddie realized she was next she ran out of the room and down the hallway screaming all the way. I had to chase after her and literally drag her back to the room. I have *NEVER* been so mortified and embarrassed in my life. Hince why I was so nervous about this appt.

I didn't tell Maddie what we were doing. I just asked her to come along with me. When we pulled up in front of the building she asked if we were there for Brayden. I told her no we were actually there for her. She just stared at me and after a few moments she said," I'm getting my kindergarten shots". I told her she was and that she needed to be really brave and strong. If she didn't get these shots she wouldn't be able to go to kindergarten. She said she could be brave and do this. Since she told me she would be brave I told her that if she was I would take her to Claire's at the mall and give her $5. She was quite excited to hear this. After waiting 30min. in the waiting room we were finally taken back. The nurse commented on how slow Maddie was walking and how she must be a little nervous. We get in the room and the nurse tells us that Maddie will be recieving 4 shots. She proceeds to fill all 4 syringes in front of us. (Can this not be done before we get to the room!) Finally the nurse is ready, she has Maddie climb up on my lap and wrap her arm around me with me holding her other hand. The nurse lifts her sleeve up pulls out the alcohol wipe and cleans the area. The nurse picks up the 1st syringe, she pinches Maddie's arm and her phone rings. Can you believe she says, Oh just a moment, puts the syringe down and talks on the phone for a few minutes. (Can we prolong this anymore? I mean seriously I wanted to beat the nurse over the head with her phone.) After her phone conversation Maddie finally received her 1st 2 shots. It was at this point Maddie started to cry and didn't want anymore. Can you blame her? I flipped her around and as quickly (NOT!!) as this nurse moves we finally got the last 2 shots. I told Maddie she did a wonderful job and I would take her to Claire's. I thought Maddie would choose a necklace or bracelts but the Princess Sunglasses won her heart. She told me she liked wearing them on top of her head just like Grandma Christensen.

She loves the glasses. She's taken them off long enough to have her bath and go to sleep. Other then that they've been glued to her face. You did good Maddie. Thankfully your done until you turn 11. 2 children down just 2 more to go. Unfortunately I'm just starting with one of them.


Camille said...

oh that is funny! What a little chicken! lOL Carlaya is pretty brave when it comes to shots. She was actually "excited" to get hers because it was part of kindergarten. She cried a little but sat still through each one. She is a totally whoos when it comes to everything else, so that was a real surprise. Tell Maddie Carlaya say "good job". I love her glasses- totally stylish. (carlaya's new word)

Janet said...

The 3 week old pictures of your baby are so cute, and Maddie looks so cute in her glasses. I think it was worth the shots for her.