Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th of July

For the 4th of July the kids and I were still in Utah. During the afternoon we were in Alton (where Kory is from) the kids enjoyed free ice cream cones and free train rides. The grandkids loved the train ride. Emily would only go if mom went with her.

Maddie and Carlaya were best buds. These girls rode the train over and over and over.

Before we went to Alton we ate lunch at a park in Fredonia. Emily was looking too cute so I asked her to say cheese. Being Emily she immediately covered her face with her hands and took off running screaming at me not to take her picture. She ran so fast she lost her pants! Wasn't exactly the picture I was after but it's going to make a great memory.
Uncle Travis was with us that morning and I had to take a picture of him holding Brayden. Travis is going to become a daddy this september. He's going to be a great dad!
4th of July morning our family participated in the Fredonia Parade. It was hot hot hot! We sat on the float waiting for the parade to start much longer then the actual parade lasted. Oh well. The kids loved it when the fire truck drove by and squirted us.
My Grandma Christensen was born in Fredonia, AZ. We were having a Brooksby reunion this weekend and the family thought it would be fun to participate in the parade. We were the Brooksby Angels.
We had a great weekend. I was able to see many cousins that I haven't seen in years. Being we live in Arizona I miss out on many of the family get together's that are held in Utah periodicly. It's kind of weird watching our children out running around and playing together. We are no longer those children but the parents sitting and visisting with one another.