Monday, July 27, 2009

Carseat Canopy's

While I was in Utah a few weeks ago I saw a young mom with what looked to be like a blanket straped to the baby's car seat. What a genious idea. A carseat canopy is a blanket with 2 straps that velcro onto the handle bars. It keeps baby protected and covered while out and about. What I love about it is that I will no longer be that mom seen running through the parking lot chasing a fly away blanket! It is perfect for newborns, for my new borns I usually throw a blanket over the carseat. How many germs are floating around in the grocery store, Wal Mart, etc . How many times do strangers come up to touch your newborn becuase they are so little and precious? This ones a little girly.

This one I made for an upcoming baby shower gift. When baby gets a little older and wants to see, you simply fold the cover over the handle bars, like the above pict. This is taken from behind the car seat.
The below picture is of Brayden's. I took it with us to church for the 1st time. He fell asleep on the way there so all through sacrament I had him completely covered. During sunday school I unstrapped it, threw it on the floor and let him play on it (it's the size of a blanket). He got hungry and I realized I had left my nursing cover at home so I took it with me and used it to cover up. Needless to say it was well used during church. The other day I took the kids to the library. We got stuck there during one of our monsoons. It was pouring outside and Brayden was asleep. We tried waiting it out but I needed to get home. The kids and I ran to the van. Brayden stayed asleep and not only did Brayden not get wet but the blanket stayed on and kept him completely covered through the gusts of wind. I love it. I just wish I've had it with me over the past 3 months instead of just this past week. They are selling on craigslist in Utah and on Etsy like mad at the moment. I thought I'd try listing mine on craigslist first and then Etsy here I come.


Camille said...

that is a total genius idea! Way to go- miss crafty!

I love the prints you used in all of them! Too cute! I could have used one of those!

Janet said...

What a great idea!