Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brayden's Surgery

Brayden and I had to check in at Banner-Thunderbird Hospital this past monday morning at 7:30am, surgery was scheduled for 9 am. Due to a lot of construction I knew we would be going through I left a little earlier than I normally would have. We arrived at 7:00 am, signed in and waited for someone to call us back to begin registration. At 7:15 I was informed that Brayden was not on the hospital's schedule to have surgery that day but not to panick sometimes the hospitals computer is slow at updating. At 8:00am the hospital still didn't have us on the schedule. Dr. Chang was is surgery and his office didn't open until 9am. Twice the nurse working registration told me "If I were you... I wouldn't want my babies surgery done this close to Christmas, he hasn't eaten sine 3 this morning, he's getting hungry and a little cranky just reschedule." I finally said as kind as I could, "This surgery has been scheduled for about 6 weeks now, I drove here from Prescott Valley this morning, my parents drove to my home yesterday from Utah so that they could care for my other 3 children at home while we are here today. I'm not going to reschedule for a later date if I don't have to!" After hearing that she left me alone about rescheduling. Finally at 9 am the hospital was able to get the info they needed to put us on the schedule for that morning. We were registered by 9:30 and taken to another waiting room to wait to be taken back to the surgery unit. Brayden's surgery had been tentatively re-scheduled for 10:30am.

I was told that Brayden couldn't have any thing to eat 4 hours before surgery. He woke up hungry that morning at 3 am. Of course I fed him as much as he would eat. I knew he would be getting hungry again about 8 am. Now I was told that surgery literally would begin at 9. Registration, the changing into hospital attire, anesthetic would all be done prior to that. At 9am Brayden would be in a surgery room on the table and his procedure would start. So I figured probably about 8 that morning we would be busy changing him and enough commotion going on to keep him preoccupied. Having his surgery tentatively rescheduled had me quite nervous about how he would be acting come another hour or so. Brayden and I played, we walked around doing the baby bounce, and then he'd fall asleep. During his little 10-15 minute cat naps I would silently pray for help to keep him content. He would then wake up fussing and we'd start all over again.

My Grandma Christensen will have passed away 10 years ago next month. I truly believe she was my Heavenly Help that morning. She was on my mind during our drive to the hospital and during our short stay. I could visualize her standing beside me offering suggestions to help keep my baby happy. At 10:30 we were taken back to the surgery unit. I had to sign more papers and speak to the Dr. and Anesthesiologist one last time. It was then that I was told that a "Swaddle" (similar to an epidural) was highly recommended. The swaddle would make Brayden more comfortable through the surgery and about 4-6 hours after. The swaddle would keep him more relaxed and probably help for a smooth trip home. Having had 4 epidurals myself I didn't want my baby to go through that. Once again I felt my Grandma standing beside me telling me that the swaddle would be best for Brayden, he would already be under general anesthetic and wouldn't feel a thing. He would be all right. I could almost feel her kissing my cheek and forehead a kazillion times like she used to in reassurance. A few minutes before Brayden was taken from me he became qute upset. He wouldn't take a toy, bouncing him wasn't doing anything, he kept pulling on my shirt and slamming his head against my chest. We both knew what he was after. He was crying and I too soon began to cry not knowing what else to do or how much longer we were to wait. I felt my Grandma beside me. I could hear her telling me to hang in there just a little longer that it would soon be over. She was telling Brayden that she knew he was hungry but he needed to calm down for his momma. I could picture her leaning over and covering his face in her famous kisses. Brayden soon fell asleep again. Grandma was right, about 10:50 Nurse Tina came and took my sleeping baby from my arms into hers and I was later told he never woke up until after everything was completed and he was suppose to wake up. The Dr. came out to tell me everything went well a long 2.5 hours later. I was soon taken back to recovery to hold and comfort and finally nurse my baby. I was told to plan on being in the recovery room for up to 2 hours. All of his stats were great, he ate and was able to hold it all down, the 2 hours ended up being an hour and then we were in the car heading home.
I know my Grandma was helping me that morning. I am so greatful for the Heavenly Help she offered me.

It has now been 2 days and Brayden is doing well. He wears 2 diapers with the catheter in between so the dressing stays as dry as possible. He is surprising me with how he is acting. There are moments that he his cranky and only wants his mom but for the most part he's my sweet energetic little boy. He keeps busy crawling after his older siblings all day and plays. He will have his post op next tuesday. Everything should be removed then and the healing process continued. We are so close to putting this behind us. Yeah! Thanyou for all your prayers offered in our behalf. I know they are being heard and answered. Have a Merry Christmas!


Sheri said...

Glad everything went well. I thought of little else all day! Merry Christmas!

Henlines said...

Tina- thank you for sharing that inspiring experience. I couldn't help but cry at your story. I'm so glad Brayden is doing well and that you had the help you needed from your beloved grandmother. Hope you have a great Christmas!!

Sara said...

Tina, what a relief that is over. I remember witing for Livi to get out and it was SO long. And then waiting for her to wake up so I could hold her. It was hard not to be able to pick her up as soon as I saw her. You are in our prayers! Glad he's doing well.