Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa's Dollhouse

I've been told many times now that the bestest part of Christmas was the surprise Dollhouse. Madelyn said, "WOW! Mom, Santa is really really smart. I didn't even ask for a Barbie house but he sure new I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. This was our big project over the past few weeks. I have been working on the furniture for quite some time now. I couldn't sew at night because Hunter would wake up and come out to tell me I was being too loud. So I would pull out the sewing machine as soon as I dropped Maddie off to school and put Emily down for a nap. I would then have about 1-2 hours before I had to start cleaning up before I had to pick her and Hunter up from school. I found many, many ideas on the internet for bedroom furniture but not too many durable ideas for the kitchen and bathroom. I was still planning on making these until I discovered the kitchen on ebay for $8 and the bath for $5. With shipping it cost me about $20.

The beds are made from shoe boxes donated by Big 5. All of the fabric are scraps from my sewing drawers or from a friends. The batting I took out of an old pillow that has seen better days. The 2 dressers I bought for less then $3 each thanks to our new Hobby Lobby store that was constantly offering 60% off unfinished wood items. The couches were made with Mac n' Cheese boxes and more batting. The lamp post also came from Hobby Lobby and the shade is a piece of scrapbook paper. Santa made the house with scraps from the shop so overall we spent less than $35.00. Not too bad I think.

Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2

Kitchen with a broom that I bought from D.I for $.25. The kitchen came with pots and pans and lots of little food that fit in the refrigerator.

Flower pot also came from D.I I love the way the big screen TV turned out. Both of my girls have spent the majority of the past few days sitting in front of their Barbie House. They love it and I had fun making it. Not wanting Santa to get all the credit we told them that Santa and mommy have been in cahoots. That Santa told mommy he was going to be bringing a Barbie house with the kitchen and bathroom but mommy would need to make everything else. I absolutlely love it.