Friday, January 22, 2010

Did you know...

I don't know much about technology but it never ceases to amaze me what "they" can do with it. In early May Kory and I finally bought our 1st camera. It's a Nikon L100. We bought it from Target for about $200. Of course it didn't come with rechargeable batteries, memory card, or a case which made our purchase a bit more. The target salesmen was very helpful and picked out the best "charger that came with rechargeable batteries" that would work best with our camera. Of course when we got home we swaped the Alkanine reg. batteries with the Alkanine rechargeables.

The camera's been working great until just a few weeks ago. I was getting a low battery signal so after charging the *re-chargebale batteries* the camera would work for a few days and then I'd have to do it all over again. It soon got to that I'd have to *re chare* the batteries on a daily basis. Then one day even though the batteries had been charged all day and night they still didn't work. So I threw them away. The alkaline normal batteries that came with the camera were sitting on top of my extra batteries so they went in first. My camera's been working great till last week . The camera started telling me the batteries were getting low and then a few days ago the camera would turn on long enough to tell me the batteries needed replaced and then would turn itself off. So I went to my case of new batteries and pulled out brand new Energizers as thats all we had, does the brand really matter? Apparently it does! My camera still wouldn't turn on. Being it is still under warranty I called Nikon and was told there is nothing wrong with my camera but the batteries I am using. The Nikon L100 will only work off of Alkaline AA Batteries. Did you know "they" could do that? I thought all AA batteries were the same just sold with a different brand. Apparently NOT! Not wanting to leave the house do the outpour of rain we were recieving and not wanting to take 4 children out in it. I opened every component that might have a battery in it. I found 2 AA Alkalines. Using those 2 and 2 energizers my camera works, didn't think it would but I'm glad I tried or I would have missed out on yesterday's picts of our snow that it already gone. Nikon has emailed me directions on how to download an update to my camera so that it will accept other AA batteries. I'm still amazed that technology can program my camera to only accept one type of AA batteries!


Hendrickson Clan said...

I had no idea they could do that... hum, makes me wonder how many things I've gotten rid of because I "thought" it didn't work. That is kind of dumb though. Why would they do that???

Ruth said...

Crazy!!! Thanks for sharing! Now
I know what else to look for when and if we ever buy a NEW digital camera!