Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Snow Day....

Yesterday morning we woke up to this.... Standing on my front porch all by myself. It was so peaceful.

It was still a little dark. There were no lights shining out of anyones windows.

No tracks in the fresh snow.

It was kinda cool.

The front yard measured 4.5-5 inches. The back yard was 4inches.

Needless to say it became a "Snow Day". Kory's always amazed when we have snow days. He just happened to be in his home town yesterday morning and laughed when I told him the kids wouldn't be going to school. He said Alton recieved 10+ inches of snow, the roads had been plowed, the buses still came at 6:15am and the kids were at school on time. Talking to my mother-in-law yesterday afternoon after Kory had left they received an additional 4 inches in about an hours time and it was still coming down fast. I love visiting Alton but I'm sure glad I don't live there. I couldn't handle that much snow. Even though we had quite a bit of snow for Prescott Valley starting early afternoon it rained and rained and rained. By bedtime the snow was gone. We enjoy it while we've got it knowing in a day or two it'll be all gone.

For breakfast the kids had *fresh* snow cones. mmmmm yum!!!

We spent half the day in our jammies playing with legos. The other half of the day was spent coloring, playing with barbies who were getting attacked by pirates, reading Junie B. Jones and watching a movie. Due to technichal difficuties with my camera I didn't get many photos of our snow day.


Sara said...

I was laughing that while you guys were having snow days we've been having rain! But it got cold again. Looks like fun!