Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This morning the girls and I were putting the finishing touches on one of my latest projects. The girls were using modge podge and I wanted to take a picture of them doing there project. I went to get the camera and the girls started screaming for me. I came running back in to find Brayden had decided to help. He had popped himself out of the bumbo, landed face first into our plate of modge podge and was sucking on the paintbrush covered in the modge podge. Not knowing how toxic modge podge could possibly be I decided to take the brush out of his mouth, wash around his mouth and then take my pict. Isn't he cute??? One of my many latest projects involve a new chore chart/reward system for the kids. It's amazing to see how excited my kids are about this. Obviously it's been a little too long since we tried a chore chart with them. We have tried several different ways to get the kids to do chores and nothing has stuck. I'm hoping with the rewards this one will stick.

I have created chores for before school, before dinner and before scripture study. The 1st set of chores include making there bed, brushing there teeth and brushing there hair. For these things there is no reward except for good hygiene I guess. As of now I do have a real chore of emptying the dishwasher before school. This way once the kids get out the door this lucky mom can do the dishes. Yeah for me!!!
The chores before dinner that don't have a reward is doing there homework. The chores with rewards are putting the folded towels away and Brayden's clothes on laundry day, setting the table for dinner and washing/ putting away the eggs that I have collected out of the chicken coop. For some reason our hens keep pooping on their eggs and I would much rather wash the nasties off before I need to grab an egg out of the fridge.
Most of our chores will take place before scripture study which we have every night at 7. They include clearing the table (everyone clears there own mess but this leaves pots and pans), a clean bedroom for all, picking up Brayden's toys, vacuum if needed, sweeping, emptying the garbage and cleaning the bathroom (wiping the toothpaste smears away from the day, putting bows and piggies away, wiping down the counters, etc.)

The girls got to decorate their magnets this morning. Hunter will get to do his tommorrow. Every monday during family home evening we will rotate the chores for the week. I'm going to leave some of the magnets black and they will mark the things that everyone will be responsible for. I'm sure we'll have to make a few changes but for the most part I'm hoping it will work. Even though our chart hasn't been completely ready the kids started doing there chores this past monday. They are liking it. HAHAHAHAH. We'll see how long that will last for.
Kory and I have talked and we are not ready to give the kids an allowance or pay them in cash for doing things around the house. Some things are just expected for being part of the family. However, being the oldest is only 6 we do feel they need to be rewarded somehow. So I saw this on someone elses blog and this is what we've decided to try. It works for them so we're hoping it will work for us. Introducing our Family Store....

Each chore (excluding everday hygiene activites and homework) is worth 1 point. Any time I see good behavior I can also reward with a point card. Earlier today my 5 year old wanted to play on the computer. I said yes. She wasn't on for more then 3 minutes before little sister came asking for a turn. Without hesitating big sis said sure I'll share what game do you want to play. She brought the game up for little sis and let her play while she left to find something else to do. That deserves more then 1 point in my book!
Having about 5 possible points a day plus extra points for good behavior 30 points should be somewhat easy to obtain. The rewards that cost 30 points are pretty simple. I have created cards with different rewards that can be chosen like, plan a play date, go to the library, plan a family walk, go to the park, play a game with mom or dad, read a bedtime story with mom or dad. The 30points are things that are free besides gas.
They do have the option of rollover points (hehehe) so 60 points could be reached in 2 weeks. Some of the rewards are on cards that can be chosen like go with mom or dad and get a candy bar, with mom or dad go get a shake, with mom or dad go get an ice cream, rent a redbox video your choice. I also have a book of stickers, a mini fuzzy poster to color, bubbles, etc. I just happened to have 2 foam crowns and a foam hat in my craft drawer so I threw these in there too for them to decorate. These rewards are about a $1 or less (not bad for 2 weeks of chores). I also wanted to create a way that each child has an opportunity with mom or dad by themselves.
The 90 points will definetly take more then 2 weeks to earn. I'm hoping that each week they will spend some of there points on the above rewards so that these will take about a month to earn. I have 3 different boxes of candy, a dress up necklace, mini TMNT's, a new Jonie B Jones book. I want the kids to earn these but not to easily.
The 120 point rewards are special. These will take a lot of effort and saving to reach. I have a 550 piece puzzle (something my kids have wanted for a while now),and something similar to a Polly Pocket. I have 2 reward cards 1) buy a book from the scholastic paper they bring home monthly and 2)rent a WII game. I know my kids would love to do these things but it will be intresting to see how long it will take them.
For a few days now I have rummaged around my closet to see what treasures I have picked up on the clearance isles with the intent of saving them for a future birthday present. These are what I used to fill our bucket. It will be interesting to see how long it takes the kids to get there rewards and what they like the most. I want them to learn how to save up for something they want without doing it with real money right now. As it starts to get warmer I'll be adding some out side chores. So I'm curious to read your reply's. What have you found that works for your kids?


Sara said...

I can't ever get anything to stick either. Good luck with it! Looks like fun. I totally forgot you had all those chickens. How many are left? I must admit, I'm glad not to have to deal with that chore.

Camille said...

That's a cute idea. My kids always get excited with a new idea but then soon it wears off and they are back to NOT helping. In January we had an FHE about helping mom/dad and they each got a chore chart (VERY SIMPLE ONE) and they had to get x amount of checks or smiley faces by the end of the month. If they did, we'd go to Chuck E Cheese. Yup...we didn't go. Saddest part was- they didn't even care! UUGH!
Hope you find luck with this cute one!

Ruth said...

Cute idea! As always, you are so creative! ;) This is what we do: Each of my kids has a chart of their own. They move a pop-stick up when they do good things and back when they choose the wrong. When they get to the end, they get to color in a square that means they have earned $1. when they get to $15 we give them the $. The boys actually have little Thomas the train and Percy on a track, they earn batteries for their actual toy trains. I also do something similar since I'm homeschooling this year. If the girls have a good day they get the date on a card. And at the end of the week, if they have 4 or more dates they get to color in a square on a different chart for a FUN family field trip, like the Zoo, or the movies. they also earn fake $ for each date on their card towards our end-of-the-year school store. It has been working pretty well for us! Good luck with yours!!!