Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dr. Seuss Birthday

Today is Dr. Seuss's Birthday. When Hunter was a baby someone gave me the book, "The Foot Book". I fell in love. I really really love his books. We have collected several over the past few years. I love the rhyming, the imagination, the silliness and the easy/quick read. These make great bedtime story books. In celebration I brought all our books out and have left them out to be looked at and read all day. I loved hearing Maddie take a book to Hunter and asking him to read it to her. I had fondant up to my elbows or I would have taken a picture of that scene. It was priceless! OOPS! I downloaded the picts backwards so I guess we'll start at the end. I had lots of help making our fun dessert. Can you tell which books they represent? Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat In The Hat (twice) and The Sneetches. The kids favorite was making the cats.

Before dinner I read the fish book. Not having any fish sticks, homemade chicken strips did the trick. Unfortunately I got pre-occupied cleaning up our cupcake mess and forgot the french fries were still in the oven. Oops! So we had left over potato salad instead. The kids will be hungry in a few hours so it's a good thing we've got plenty of cup cakes.

While the older kids were at school Emily and I did a project. Last week I got to thinking of how many projects I used to do with my kids. We did a project everday! Even when they were in preschool we still did projects together at least once a week. Since Hunter and Maddie have gone to school for some reason I've stopped. Last week I vowed to sit down and do a project with Emily a few times a week. She's definetly old enough and it's time to start working with her on the basics. In celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday we made The Cat In The Hat's Hat. She is so proud of her project.

During the 10 minutes it took to do this easy project she kept saying "This is the best day ever", This is so much fun", "You know Hunter and Maddie are going to want to do one when they get home!". I drew the hat, using a paint brush Emily smeared liquid Elmer's Glue and then using a spoon she sprinkled on died red rice. She had a blast.
Wanting to start the day off in celebration we had our version of Green Eggs and Ham. The picture looks disgusting but it was edible. With everyone having seconds and thirds it must have been pretty good.
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Jessica said...

How clever! You are so creative. I am defiantly going to have to sign up for cake classes and talk ideas with you!

Natty said...

Absolutely darling! Those cupcakes are simply amazing. We celebrated Dr. Suess' b-day too, but I did not go into all the work you did. You are such a great mom.

Ruth said...

Good job with everything!!! I only mentioned that it was his birthday to the kids. They told me that it should have been pj day, since that's what they did in public school for his b-day. oh well! Glad you guys enjoyed the day!

Sara said...

You're amazing to do all those crafts. My idea of crafts is pulling out the play dough and watercolors. Emily looks like such a young lady! They're getting so big!