Friday, March 12, 2010

Bathroom Projects...

This is what the corner of our bathroom has looked like for almost 3 years now. I love making bows. And my girls love wearing bows. Placing a bow on whatever hair do done for the day seems to finish the look. 3 years ago I took some yarn, braided it together and hung in on a nail to hold the bows. Now that the girls are older I am constanly asking them to go hang their bows up. As you can see my holders are almost empty. The bows get thrown on the counter or on a dresser and a lot of times in their dresser drawers. Apparently at bed time standing in front of their dresser changing they take the bow out and toss it in whatever drawer is open. The hair do's that we enjoy doing call for 2 matching bows but over the past few years we have seemed to misplace a lot of our bows. Not wanting this anymore I wanted to make a bow board so I went to Goodwill and bought this for $2.99

Bought 1/2 yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby on their clearance table. And came up with this... )Oooops! Looks like the finished project jumped to the bottom picture.)

This is our bathroom wall. It has a small towel rack in the middle of the wall. The rack is far from the bathtub. While standing in the tub as an adult I have to brace myself in order to reach the towels. My kids knowing they can't reach the towel rack throws their towel on the bathroom floor while bathing which usually produces a pile of WET towels before bath time is finished. Once dried off and dressed if they remember, they then try throwing their towels over the shower curtain which they usually miss so the towel then lands into a bathtub that is still draining water or the toilet. Which once again producing MORE wet towels. If the towels don't wind up in a pile on the bathroom floor they wind up in a bedroom on the floor.

For some reason at our house MOM is the ONLY one who seems to notice the piles of towels on the floor. Several weeks ago doing the weekly bathroom cleaning I got fed up. This is what we now have...

I had Kory cut me out some wood squares, they got painted, screwed to the wall because I AM NOT going to deal with towels hooks that fall off the wall. I purposely hung them so that the screw was attatched to a stud and not just sheetrock (hence the far apart look). I then covered the screw holes by gluing a cute painted wooded fish over the hole. Now that we've had our new towel holders for a few weeks I need to make one more adjustment. We have 2 hooded towels that the kids have NO trouble hanging up and they stay hung up. Regular towels are a different story. The kids aren't able to hang them so that they will stay well. Any tug on the towel bring the towel down. So the next project will be making hooded towels!

And now for our bow board. I cut 2 small holes and then hot glued in 2 dowels. This keeps most of our hair accessories together. I love the dowels. I used dowels I had on hand and they are only an 1 1/4'' long. When these need replaced I'd like to get a little longer ones. The headbands can slip off the towel a little to easily. Our bathroom is looking better and better. It's staying cleaner longer and I don't hesitate when unexpected company asks to use the bathroom.


Natty said...

What a great idea! I didn't know you guys are spoiled with Hobby Lobby! The one here is too far to be worth the run. It's so fun to get ideas from everyone's homes. Do deserve a gold star.

Sheri said...

Instead of hooded towels, I've seen a ribbon sewn on the towel for hanging ease. It may be easier.