Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Projects begin...

Meet Kierra. This is Emily's FAVORITE baby doll. Somehow Kierra has lost her clothes and has needed more for some time now. For Easter this year I'm making homemade gifts for each of the kids baskets. Kierra's clothes will be in Emily's baskett. I think both outfits turned out so cute. Last time we were in Utah my grandma gave me several piles of fabric. Kierra's new clothes came from just some of the fabric I was given. The best part about this paticular future gift is that it didn't cost me anything. Yeah!!!! One gift baskett done 3 more to go.

I've always wanted to make a special outfit for when my babies turn a year old. But I never have. So with baby #4 I'm trying to be a little more prepared. I'm not very creative, meaning I vary rarely come up with an original idea. However if I see something I can usually copy it. I get a lot of my inspiration from Etsy. I came across several different ideas for a 1st birthday shirt that I reaaly liked so I combined what I liked. This is the result, The best part is I didn't have to pay $22 plus shipping! I wanted to make my nephew Jamie a shirt also. So I did his first. I love it. Realizing that Easter is next weekend I'm putting Brayden's shirt on hold until I get the Easter gifts done. Luckily I still have a few weeks before we celebrate that 1st Birthday.

I hope you like it Sheri. I'll get it to you soon.


Sheri said...

SO CUTE!!! Thanks a bunch!

Ruth said...

What a cute idea! You are just too creative!!! Way to go, Supermom! ;)