Thursday, September 02, 2010

Brayden's Goose Egg

The other morning the kids and I were having one of those hectic mornings before school. You know the ones where homework is missing, matching shoes can't be found, the type of sandwich your child wants can't be decided on, etc... It didn't help that my big one year old was holloring and banging at the door wanting to go outside to play. Being he was dressed and ready to start his day Emily volunteered to go out with him. Trying to keep everyone happy I let my little ones out the door knowing that they would keep close by and SHOULD be alright out there by themselves. While I was almost done putting out the fires going on inside I heard my mom at our door. Before she entered she said, "O.K mom, we're coming in but don't freak out!" My stomack always flips when I hear something like this. It can be so difficult taking pictures of a goose egg. Pictures just don't do it justice.
Apparently he tripped over his own two feet and whacked his head against the bottom cement step to the front porch. Ouch!

Knowing he must have a real humdinger of a head ache I kept him pumped with Tylenol all day.

I really really really hate it when my kids get hurt.
These two remind me of when Hunter and Madelyn were much younger. Emily being the oldest tries to help her younger brother too much. Brayden being the youngest thinks he can do everything his big sister can. They do have there moments quite often right now that Emily is trying to help too much but they do play so nicely together most of the time. She really does try to make her little brother happy.
I love you two.