Thursday, September 23, 2010

We've had a Birthday Shout HORRAY!

Yesterday was a special day for Little Miss. She turned "4".
Can you believe it?
She has been counting down the days till her birthday all week. Everyone in this house (and there's a lot of us) knew when her birthday was and what she wanted. As with tradition she got to eat 4 pancakes and blow out 4 candles at breakfast.
After breakfast she was able to open her gifts from mom and dad and her older siblings.
All Emily wanted was a big baby that she saw at Wal Mart a few weeks ago. Being she is usually with me to do the shopping I didn't get to Wal Mart, by myself, until the day before her to get her gift. Wouldn't you know they were all GONE! I found an employee who scanned the baby box and said that there should be 1 left. Lucky for us the same employee thought she saw it on the benches by the dressing rooms. I ran over to the dressing rooms and found her big baby. That same morning Emily was telling me she didn't want the blue boy baby but the pink girl baby. Not wanting nor having the time to run into St. George to see if the other Wal Mart had a big girl baby I brought the baby home added some flower buttons and headband. Wal Mart also had a great clearance rack that I was able to get her a 0-3 mo. girl outfit for $2.
And so...............
It's a Girl!

Emily's favorite person in her little world is GG (my grandma). GG and GGpa live across the driveway and most mornings Emily and her GG walk up and down the driveway getting their excercise. GG hasn't been feeling well lately and so has missed several morning walks. Emily was so pleased that GG wasn't "sick" and would be able to walk with her on her birthday.

I finished Emily's Care Bear Cake while Emily played with her new toys all morning.

For dinner we had a family bbq and invited another family over to join in on the festivities.

GGpa & GG with the Birthday Girl!
Emily swinging on Grandpa's tire horse swing.

The Cake!

Emily getting ready to blow out her candles.

Opening more presents.
The day before her Birthday, Emily was looking at Hunter's library book called A-Z Horses. Emily was so excited to see all the horses and ponies. After a while Emily started to let everyone know that for her birthday she wanted a pony!
Sorry sweet girl. Not this year!
We couldn't get Emily her own pony so we did the next best thing.
Our friends, the Ballards, the family we invited over brought the grand finale.
They brought Chief, and Midnight.
Brayden and Elena sitting on top of Chief. Elena was so sweet to give Brayden lots of hugs and kisses.

Emily got to ride Midnight, her borrowed pony for the night.

After the kiddo's all had a turn on midnight, Chief was saddled to the wagon and we all took turns going on a ride.
Emily had a wonderful day surrounded by family, friends and her borrowed pony.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl. We love you!


Our Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet Emily. Jenna was looking at this with me and got super excited when she saw Emily. YOu did amazing on that cake!!! You are getting so good!! YOu need to start a business. You're fantastic!
I miss you so much, I wish you were here with me for our "new change"
See you in two weeks!!

The Gubler Family said...

You really need to give me cake decorating lessons. Wow! Happy birthday Emily! I can't believe it has been 4 years all ready.