Friday, May 13, 2011

Pre-School's Out!

School's Out for Emily.


Two weeks ago I had my last teaching week. Our theme was flowers/gardens and mothers.This worked great with Mother's Day being that weekend. I had each child plant 2 cups. One with a flower already bloomed and another with a seed. I'm hoping the other children had more luck with there seed cup then Miss Emily did. After preschool we left her cups outside on the sidewalk, since it was "accidently" watered too much. Without us knowing Brayden dumped the cup out and scattered the dirt and the eeny, weeny, tiny little seeds all over. Lucky for us he left her b;ooming flower alone which has since been planted in Grandma's flower pot. The children's gift to there mother's was a laminated picture book mark. The kids got to color and write there name on the back.
This past tuesday was graduation at someone elses house.
The kids decorated there very own cap with tassle.

While the glitter glue was drying on there caps we made t-shirts for everyone.

The mom had bought a white t-shirt for each child. Each preschooler chose a paint color and then left there hand print on each shirt. The mom's then wrote the children's name under the hand print. I loved this idea. Emily has had a lot of fun this year making new friends. She loves her shirt with all there hand prints on it.

While waiting for all the paint projects to dry we celebrated the school year being over by having an ice cream social. We then had the kids go outside with their hats and diploma's for a group picture. There were 5 in our group but one of the boys wasn't participating/cooperating very well. He wouldn't be nice to his friends so his mom took him home early. So unforunately we didn't get a full group shot.

It didn't seem to matter which direction we had the kids stand in as the sun seemed to be in all of there eyes all of the time, so they claimed. Emily looks like she's throwing a fit here but she wasn't. She was just complaining with the rest of them that sun was too bright. This was the only picture I have with no one covering there face with there hands. Yet notice how each girls hands are pretty close! It's amazing I got this one.

I'm so happy that I was able to put together a preschool group this year. Taking part in this kind of "mom co-op" is very satisfying. Emily loves attending school but I don't have to pay for it. I don't have to be the teacher every week but I do get a turn at teaching. I enjoy having my turn to teach. I love finding creative and fun ways to teach the kids something they don't know already. I love seeing the excitement when they can tell me the letter of the alphabet correctly or when they write there name by themselves for the very first time. I love there excitement to learn. Our preschool was succesful this year. It was more then just a play group that got together twice a week. I'm thankful for the new friends we made because of preschool this year. Till next year...


Camille said...

What a fun year. All super cute ideas!