Monday, May 16, 2011

Randomness about Madelyn

It's almost been a year now since our family moved from Prescott Valley to Hurricane. In the beginning I think we all struggled a little bit with the change. All of our kids were been born in Arizona. In the 8 years we were living there despite our many moves we always remained in the same ward. We were one of the oldest families that belonged to that ward. We knew EVERYONE and they all knew us. We loved living in Prescott Valley. We left many friends that had become like family to us. I guess thats what happens when you live in one place for so long.

Of all my children, Madelyn, suffered the most. She didn't mind living with Grandma and Grandpa but everything else she didn't like. I purposely moved the kids and I to Utah a few weeks before school started. My hope was that my kids would make friends and have familiar faces when they started a new school with new teachers and new class mates. She did not like our new ward. She didn't like her primary teacher or the kids in her class. I threw a small water party and invited kids from each of my childrens primary classes hoping to start new friendships. Madelyn had fun but didn't want to invite the little girls back to play. She wanted to go back to Prescott.

Very quickly I started to cringe come Sundays. It got so bad that Madelyn would be crying/screaming out of control in the hallways at church. When a Primary worker would try to console her she'd turn her back towards them or push them away. She just refused to go. My biggest mistake was allowing her to come with me or Grandma for a few sundays.When I put my foot down and told her she'd have to start going to her own class the phrase, "all hell broke loose", came true. What a fight it was. She fought me ALL morning about getting ready for church and just getting to church. She'd be crying before sacrament was even over. I tried spanking, time outs, taking her home for a cold shower, taking her home and putting her to bed, yelling at her. I don't know how many times I left her in the hall way at church crying and I myself hid in the mother's lounge crying so she wouldn't see how upset she was making me. It was a HORRIBLE first few weeks at church. I was so embarrased on Sundays becuase of the way she acted. It didn't matter what I did I couldn't stop it. Kory wasn't of much help because he was still in Prescott.

Soon school started. To my embarassement she acted the same way those first 3 weeks of school. I ended up leaving her in her classroom every morning throwing a temper tantrum like a two year old not the 6 year old she was. All of the class room doors have an outside door and we could hear her screaming out on the sidewalk. My parents were great at trying to support me with Kory not being around. Every day my mom would walk the kids to school with me and offer her moral support when I had to leave my screaming child throwing her tantrum. Her teacher said she continued to be uspet for about 5 minutes and then would calm down. Needless to say I so very THANKFUL that she doesn't act like this anymore.

This is Mrs. Seese. Both Madelyn and I ADORE her. And Mrs. Seese ADORES Madelyn. She is the best and I mean the best teacher we've had. She is always doing fun things with her students. She has a sense of humor, she is quick to give praise and is patient with her classroom of 6 years olds. When I asked for a picture she knelt down by Madelyn and wrapped her arm around her. We love Mrs. Seese. We will miss her in 2nd grade.

A few weeks ago Madelyn lost her 2nd top front tooth. When she came out of the bathroom from rinsing her mouth out she was almost laughing hysterically. When asked what was so funny she gave me HUMONGOUS grin and said see! Nope I didn't see anything so funny. Finally she told me..."My tooth left an M for ME or Madelyn". What a funny girl.

Madelyns asked me to post this picture. Since I posted Hunter's last school project she didn't want to be left behind either. For the past 6 weeks Madelyn has had to complete a short book report weekly. Along with the book report she usually had to do some sort of small project to go along with it. With each book report she earned "things" for an ice cream sundae. For instance the 1st week she earned the bowl, the 2nd week the spoon, then a scoop of ice cream followed by different toppings, etc. Her very last book report project was to create a puppet to go along with her book. Madelyn's chosen book that week was about a balerina. Thanks to, we came up with this.

I drew the ballerina (I am not an artist and will never claim to be). She then cut it out, colored some clothes on along with all the facial expressions. We then took a small piece of bubble wrap and used it as her tutu. She was very proud of her ballerina. She came home from school the next day with a bursting ego. Everyone thought her puppet was the BEST!

Way to go Madelyn. We love you.


Camille said...

She's so stinkin' cute! I love how funny she is. She is a good girl, I guess it just goes to show how moving and change affects kids. Can you even imagine foster kids moving and changing lives so often. Sad.
I love her "m" mouth and her puppet! Good job Maddie. We'll miss you till we see you again. Carlaya is NOT happy you are moving. She had quite the meltdown when I told her ;(