Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Baby Girl is 5!

My baby girl is 5 today!

Where has the time gone?Beautiful Baby!

Bright brown eyes and all that hair.

Emily's 1st BIRTHDAY.

She was such a petite little girl.

Emily's 2nd Birthday.

This was the face we got when we told her it was time to go to bed.

We still get this look. I see Brayden in this picture. He's starting to give looks when he's asked to do something he doesn't want to . I wonder where he gets it from????

Emily's 3!

This was the year that Mosquito's over took Prescott Valley. They were so bad that I'd have a few bites just from walking out the front door to get my mail. This was when Emily learned to "SCRATCH" This girl would scratch those bites until they bled. She's got the scars to prove it.

I finally put bandaids over them but then she wouldn't let me take them off for anything.

Including Pictures!

Emily's 4.

She's accomplished so much this past year.

She finished her 1st year of preschool.

She can count to 20. Write her name and has learned the alphabet.

Today this beautiful young girl is turning 5.

Emily is such a good big sister to Brayden. With the kids at school all day she is so willing to help him get his toys or help him at the kitchen table pouring his milk into the cereal. She is very loving towards him and for the most part puts his wants 1st.

Emily is absolutely FASCINATED with baby dolls. Every where she goes she usually has one of her many dolls tucked under her arm. She wants another doll from Santa she recently said.

Emily is stubborn. Kory use to say she got that from me and I in turn would say she got that from him. We've decided that we are both right. She can be so stubborn at times that she must have gotten it from the both of us instead of just one like the rest of our kids.

Emily loves to pray. Everytime and I mean everytime, it doesn't matter at who's home we are at, Emily wants/expects to say the prayer. It doesn't matter if she said it at breakfast and then lunch too. At dinner she thinks it is still her turn. If she is told no, she says something that her Grandpa Heaton taught her. That is, she expects to be the person to call on someone else to say that prayer. There is no "forgetting" to pray at our house.

Emily LOVES dogs. Her Uncle Kale lives next door and he has 2 dogs and 5 puppies. My girl knows each of there names and gender. Most of her Aunts/Uncles that live in Alton also has dogs. She know all of there names to. We can be walking down the street and to me I see "a dog". I point "the dog" out to Emily and she can usually tell me who it belongs to and what it's name is.

Emily also enjoys any movie that has dogs in it. Right now her favorite movie is The Retreivers. She watches this movie at least once a day and would watch it more if we let her.

Emily, we love you. We are so glad you are a part of our family.

We hope you have a wonderful day today!

Happy Birthday.


Our Family said...

Both her and Jenna have lost their baby looks, it breaks my heart. I hate that I'm missing these moments. I miss you guys so much!! We love you Miss Emily. Happy Birthday.

katielyn said...

What a fun tribute to her. So sweet. I remember the little girl in the 1 year old picture, but I know I've seen you guys in the last four years. Who knows?!?

Camille said...

cute post! I can't believe she's 5, but then again I can cause she totally acts like it. She's such a mature little lady! LOL Her hair used to be a little red, I don't remember that. But it totally looks like it in the 1st 3-4 pics