Monday, September 12, 2011

Madelyn's lunch bag

The week before school started I realized that we were not well prepared to take sack lunches to school this year. After some thought I wanted to make sure the kids lunch sacks was large enough that we could keep a little ice pack in it. The kids favorite sandwich is a chicken salad on a croissant roll. With all the chicken, bacon and sometimes shrimp I wanted to make sure it stayed cold enough that it wouldn't make the kids sick. I love etsy so I went there first to get some idea's. I quickly fell in love with the idea to make re-usable sandwich/snack bags along with the actual sack. Ziplock bags can be expensive and in the past I usually wait to buy them using coupons. Being I don't do coupons anymore and knowing that 2 of my kids were needing to take lunch's I figured this was a good idea to help save some money.

I did Madelyn's first and it turned out great!
Everything fits...

She loves it!

It took a few trial and errors but I finally did get it.

I think life is about to slow down a little bit and when it does I've got to make Hunter's.

He can hardly wait.