Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st day of school 2011

Today was the 1st day of kids for my two older ones.

Hunter is in 3rd gradeMadelyn is in 2nd grade
Today was even more special because they got to ride in a BUS!
They are very excited for this new experience.
I don't mind them riding the bus it's the pick up time at 7:10 am that has me a little worried.

After last year's scenario with Madelyn I was TERRIFIED we'd have a repeat. I normally work on wed.'s but switched days so that I could be home on the 1st day of school . All day yesterday I kept asking myself why I did that. I kept thinking I should have left my schedule alone and let Kory "deal" with her this year. To my utter relief she did great. When I went to wake everyone up this morning she was already dressed, shoes on and back pack on her back. That girl was ready before 6 am this morning. I'm glad she was excited. Before the bus came she leaned over to me and said that she was getting nervous. I told her that was O.K lots of kids are going to be nervous today she would NOT be the only one. I think it really helped that her teacher had a little get to know you the night before. Attending this let Madelyn find her classroom, her desk and she even got to pick the chair she wanted.

Hunter while getting ready told me he didn't feel good. His stomach hurt. After spending a few extra mintues with him this morning helping him get ready his stomach ache went away. I think this was his way of saying he was just a wee bit nervous too.
Despite the nerves this morning it sounds to me like they both had a great day!


katielyn said...

I'm glad it worked out okay. :) Wow, does that girl look like her momma!

Camille said...

Tell your kids that Carlaya & Noah are super jealous they get to ride the bus. Noah LOVED it and poor Carlaya only rode once for a field trip, so she's extra bummed she still doesn't get to ride a bus. Going to a new school is kids have to do the same thing in the morning. Carlaya's had some tears off and on all night. I hope tomorrow is not a nightmare. They're both excited though. I'm glad your 1st day with them went smoothly. :)