Monday, August 08, 2011

Sports Room

Moving into a new house is always a great opportunity to get creative. I love decorating each room with a theme. After we moved in I told each of the kids to be thinking of a theme for there new bedroom. I think it would be easier sometimes just to pick it out myself but my older kids are getting big enough that they like to be included in some of these decisions. After a few days of comtemplating Hunter chose a sports theme. Being we have such big windows in all the bedrooms I decided I'd start with drapes first. I made the curtains for the smaller window 1st and then last week finished these bad boys. I messed up so many times on the smaller window that I had scared myself silly to make this big one. There not perfect by any means but it wan't such a horrible experience like the smaller drapes were. Those smaller ones gave me such a hard time that in the end I had forgotten to add the "black out" material. I made sure I didn't forget this second time round. Here is Hunter's side of the room. At Hunter's baptism I had a picture of him with a mat on display. Those that came signed there names on the mat. Hunter chose to hang this above his bed.

This is Brayden's side of the room. See the difference between the 2 drapes? Big difference of how much light comes through. One of these days when everything else on my list is checked off I'll add the "black out" fabric to them. I found a cute sports theme picture frame at D.I last week. It goes great above Brayden's bed with a picture of him in it.

After finishing the boys curtains I decided to do a few more things on the list for there bedroom.

Hunter helped paint this wood plaque I've had in a box for over a year. We added the dowels and it now makes a perfect place for him to hang his hats.

On our list to do was to re-do his dinosaur magnet board.

I've had these sports wood pieces in one of my craft drawers for many years now.

His new magnet board is done just in time for school to start.

He now has a place to hang all his school work on that he wants to keep for a while.

I love the way this little corner of his room turns out.

There are a few more things that Hunter would like in his room.

The wall that his bed is up against is still empty (heaven forbid). Hunter would like me to make him some sports shelves for him to put his trophy's and other prized posessions onto. His bedroom also has a loft in it. He wants me to make something that hangs from the loft that's of course sports related (He's a Interior Decorator in the making). The only thing I've come up with to hang from the loft is to do a sports banner of some sort????

The boys room is almost complete. It's great to see so many projects checked off the list.


Sheri said...

If you want it professional, Jason gets a discount on banners, fyi. Looks good.

Camille said...

That is coming along cute. I love the matching bedspreads. I've never had two kids to share a room except for temporary foster kids.