Monday, August 01, 2011

Family Horse Ride

We've got a couple from our old ward in Prescott that has rented a cabin near by for a whole month. Being the cabin has a number of occupants restriction they are having each of there married children take turns coming for a visit. This week there son Chad his wife Gina and there kids are here for a visit. We are friends with Chad and Gina so it's been a real treat to see them and there kids. This morning we all met together for a trail ride. We didn't have enough horses to go around so each family took there turn. Here's a picture of my kids with there 2 oldest. Hunter rode Beegan. He's about 20 years old and Hunter was in LOVE! Beegan was very obedient and obeyed EVERY command he gave him. Hunter kept asking if we was for sale, maybe we could buy him. Being Beegan already belongs to Grandpa Heaton we're hoping we can borrow him often and not have to buy a horse.
Maddie and her dad rode a horse that no one knew her name. Our friend named her Sassy for the day. Apparently she wanted to do her own thing during the trail ride.

Emily and I rode together on Socks.

Many, many years ago Kory's Uncle Ray put his daughter on Socks thinking it was Sock's mom (apparently they looked identical). The horse bucked the daughter off. Uncle Ray not being pleased with this jumped on Sock's, thinking it was his mom still, to show it a thing or two but..... Sock's had different plans and bucked him off too. It was then Uncle Ray realized it was Socks and not his Mom. OOPS!

10+years later Socks was a great horse for Emily and I today despite his history.

We were always the last in line, fell a bit behind the others and couldn't get this horse to a trot which was fine by me.

It hadn't been 5 minutes of our family riding when all of a sudden we were caught in a downpour.

We stopped under some big trees along the side of the road to take cover. It eventually lightened up and we continued our ride.

This was a new experience for us. We've all ridden horses before but we've never had access to enough horses that our family of 6 could all go out at once and be together.

We all smelled like wet dog when we got home but we had a great time being together today.

I hope we can do this many more times, just with out the rain next time.