Monday, August 01, 2011

Mammoth Cave

I'm playing catch up tonight! It's almost been a month since I've posted last which is very unlike me. After my last post our computer CRASHED! It was down for several days before our awsome computer guru from Arizona was able to fix it for us. After thinking it was fixed I tried to blog to discover ALL of my pictures on the computer were GONE!

This mama was NOT happy. I haven't backed up my computer in over a year! I was so mad to think all of my pictures were gone. I've been working on my kids scrap books lately. Not wanting a ton of pictures lying around I've only been printing a few at a time one child at a time. I was so upset thinking all was lost. Our computer guro, my new hero, was eventually able to find them for me. Part of the bug that crashed our computer was to hide our files. They were there the whole time he just had to play hide n' seek.

Once our computer was up and running again we went out of town. Since then all I can say is we've been busy with other stuff. So tonight I'm trying to play catch up with what our family was up to for the month of July.

This is Mammoth Cave.

It's only about 20 minutes away from our house.

At first it looks like just a big hole in the ground. It kinda is but it's more like a ginormous hole. Hunter's standing almost in the middle of the picture but his clothes helps blend him in. When you climb down into the hole there are two caves. One on each side.
This is the side we chose to go through first. The opening starts out a good size. An adult can stand up fully.

Very soon though the rock ceiling drops very low.

Madelyn, Emily and Hunter had to crouch through most of this cave too.
Kory and I felt like we were crawling most of the way.

After about a 1/4 of a mile of crawling over rocks, we came out on top through another but much smaller hole in the ground.

We then walked back to the original hole and walked through the second cave.

This second cave was humongous! No crawling or slouching needed.

Our pictures aren't the best. Without flashlights on it was pitch black. You couldn't see your hand in front of you. We had everyone shut off there flash lights for the pictures but then we had to aim the camera where we thought and clicked hoping to catch somebody in it. The flash of course caught what was around us.

There were some pretty big rocks we had to climb over.

This bigger cave came to a dead end but was still quite fun. The kids were a bit disapointed they didn't have to climb there way out like they did the 1st one.

We're having fun getting to know the different fun, family, free outings we have in almost our very own back yard. The kids really had a great time exploring these caves. We'll definetly being going back. Another cave near by are the Ice Caves. Apparently all year long there's a lot of ice with in it's cave. Sound a little cold to me but that will be our next exploration family date.
We're all a little curious to see what that ones like.


Camille said...

we camped at Mammoth caves in the town a year or so ago for a family reunion. But jonathan wasn't there and I wasn't up for the caves with Noah being so young. I think he was 3. I guess I shouldv'e gone. Although I hate the dark when enclosed. I'm super claustraphobic! LOL
I didn't realize it was so close to you guys!
I'll be in orderville in 3 weeks for another youth trip/plan b girls camp. We're stayinga that Clear Creek Ranch again, right outsdie zion. Funnest place ever!
P.s. I keep forgetting! Thanks for making Mya an outfit! You are super talented and creative!