Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kane County Fair

This weekend was our Kane County Fair. Saturday morning we headed to the High School's auditorium to see all the exhibits on display. I contemplated some sewing/crafting projects I've done over the past few months but I didn't know when, where or how to go about turning our stuff in. Next year we will definetly be participating. After the kids hearing that you get $3 and up for every ribbon you earn (everyone earns a ribbon) they want to participate too. While walking around the displays we heard a lot of , "Oh! Mom I did that this year too" from our children.

One of Kory's nieces, Angelique turned 15 a few weeks ago. For her birthday she wanted a "new bedroom". Her parents have gone to a lot of work. Her then bright pink little girl bedroom is now a soft brown with white moulding teenage bedroom. She also got a new bed spread with matching curtains. She has asked me to help her decorate. Before this new bedroom she use to be able to nail, tack and tape all the posters and pictures she wanted to all over her walls. One of the 1st things we made for her was a magnet board. I had one that I wasn't planning on using and so gave it to her. One night about 2 weeks ago she came over and I showed her how to modge podge scrap book paper and create her very own magnet board. She painted the sides purple, added a flower, made some magnets to go with it and tadaa... the final project. She turned it it to the fair and one the Sweepstakes! This caught Hunter's eye. He'd now like to take shot gun shells and turn it into art!

We have a very talented cake decorator in our ward. Her 8 year old daughter turned this in. Madelyn and I have been practicing our skills. Next year Madelyn wants to turn a cake in too.

A few hours after the exhibits we went to the rodeo. Our kids weren't planning on particpating becuase every other rodeo we've been too the kids had to register before hand. At this rodeo the kids registered that evening.

Brayden after finding a plastic spoon spent the night away digging and playing.

Hunter with his cousin Orinn sat on the rails waiting for there turn.

Emily and Brayden were able to ride Uncle Dustin's horse next to where we had parked the trucks.

When it came to the events we participated in a few of them. Madelyn was the 1st to ride the sheep. The first time she did it as soon as the doors opened and the sheep and her were suppose to come barreling out the sheep had other thoughts. Instead of running out the sheep fell over and just layed there. Madelyn didn't get hurt and they gave her a retry on a different sheep.

Her second sheep didn't fall over and ran out as it was suppose to. However on it's way out the sheep ran to close to the corral and knocked Madelyn's leg into one of the posts. She hung for about 3 seconds and then fell off. Daddy was there to help her get back up. She was in tears due to her knee. This morning she's got 3 nice size bruises on her knee and down the front of her leg on that bone. I'm sure it hurt last night.

Hunter too rode the sheep. He was the 1st and only in his age group that stayed on for 8 seconds.

He won $20.00. He says he is definetly doing this again next year.

I have a love/hate relationship with my camera.

During the day I LOVE it. At night or dusk I HATE IT.

The pictures at night are ALWAYS blurry when I try to take a picture that involves movement.

Both Hunter and Madelyn also participated in the hide pull. Unfortuanetly every single picture turned out blurry and un recognizable. A cousin of Hunter's was signed up to do the Sweet Heart's Race with her dad BUT she had fallen asleep in the back of the truck. Hunter was asked to fill in her spot. This is when 2 people are at the starting line but one is on a horse. At GO! the person on foot runs across the arena to a barell. That person has to put a dress on, climb up and then stand on the barell. When the person is up and standing the rider and horse come galloping down, picks up the now "sweet heart" and races back to the finish line. Uncle Dustin and Hunter did an awsome job. For quite some time they were the top speed. Near the end though someone else beat them. Kory says they were beat by 100th of a second.


Maybe next year.

Over all it was a very late but very fun night. We are so glad we went. Next year we'll be able to particpate in a little more and help the kids earn some money. The one thing we want the kids to do is to do a show animal. The options are endless, goat, steer, pig, etc. During the fair the kids and there animal are suppose to walk the arena showing off there animal. The next day is the aucion where people can bid on these animals. The winning steer was sold for $2900. Some of the kids cousins pigs sold for $500-650 a piece. The kids generally walk away with a profit of $300+. Kory's got nieces and nephews that have done this for many years. They are in there early teens and have $3-6,000 in there savings account. The parents let there kids spend some of the money periodically through out the year but for the most part this money is saved for missions and college. It's a great way for the kids to earn money!


Camille said...

Sounds like good ol' Lincoln county! The whole rodeo thing, displays at the fair (I always put something in! LOL But we didn't get money!) and the show animals. There is always kids in Panaca out walking their sheep or goat to get it in tip top shape for the fair! LOL Makes me laugh, but yeah- great way for kids to earn money!