Thursday, August 18, 2011

Girly Projects

A few weeks ago I had had enough of the girls bathroom. You see despite all the work we've done with this house we're living in we haven't quite gotten to the girls bathroom. There bathroom has a huge counter that runs from wall to wall with double sinks. There are three drawers and 2 cupboards underneath. The top drawer is completely missing. The 2nd drawer is present and is stuffed with headbands, hair bows, hair brushes, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bobby pins, curlers, etc. Thanks to the toothpaste that seems to get thrown in there without the lid on of course it is the NASTIEST drawer we probably have in the entire house. The bottom drawer is there but in several pieces and so is also not usable. Of the 2 cupboards, we are using both but one of the doors is just hangin' on one hinge. I'm waiting for the day it too breaks!

Several years ago I made the girls a bow holder. I bought a poster from Good Will, kept the frame threw the poster away and covered it in bright orange polk a dot material that matched our fishy bathroom at the time. I loved it! The girls used it constantly. Having a bow board keeps the bows from being thrown into a toothpaste covered drawer, it keeps them cleaner, they're not smashed and it's much easier to pick which bow to wear for the day when they are all on display. Madelyn has been wanting to change our bow board fabric and ribbon from the bright orange polk a dot to something that now matches her pink/purple/turqoise bathroom.

Not having Hobby Lobby down the street and NOT wanting to drive an hour, one way, to the nearest fabric store I had Maddie pick something out of our fabric stash. She did good! We pulled out the old hot glue gun and together gave the bow board a face lift. After I hung the board she went through all of our bows and tossed the ones that were broken or the ones that we don't use anymore. She did a great job.

Several years ago while blog hopping I came across a blog about turning garbage into useful items again. The one thing that I remember from that blog was how she turned an old Oat Meal container into a head band holder.


Wanting all hair products out of the toothpaste infested drawer this became our 2nd project to do together. Madelyn picked out some scrapbook paper and then she and I mod podged it to the oat meal container. While the paper was drying she painted the lid a matching green.

The next morning after all was dried she quickly put our new container to use.

The oat meal container is the perfect width. The headbands both stretchy and hard strap on real good with out a lot of sliding down. What doesn't fit around the container and go inside.

Madelyn loves the way it turned out.

It's been at least two weeks since we've done these projects. Her and Emily's bathroom is staying so much cleaner. They can now see what they've got with everything on display like it is.

The girls are happy with there cleaner drawer/counter space.

It makes me happy as I haven't had to "wash" toothpaste out of bows every stink'n morning.

This coming week our family's schedule is changing again. School starts for the kids and I'm taking another accounting course online that will also begin this week. With EVERYTHING else happening in our life I've wanted to get a few projects done before life gets very hectic around here.

A few years ago it somehow became tradition for mom to make the birthday child a special shirt/outfit for there big day. At the beginning of this year Hunter informed me that he was too old (8) for a birthday shirt this go round. Madelyn having seen a Happy Birthday shirt at DI earlier this year asked to have it instead of me making her one for her 7th birthday. I knew these day's would soon come to an end but it still made me sad.

Back in early March my sister Sheri and I decided to throw our two boys a joint birthday party. We went with a "car" theme and so I made both boy's matching car shirts to wear on there big day. While I was working on the shirts my sister in-law Christina asked if I would make her daughter a birthday shirt too for later this year.

I LOVE my boys but oh my goodness sewing for girls is so much funner!

Miss Elena is turning 2 in a few weeks and this is what I came up with.
I just love the way the skirt turned out with the matching cupcake and bow.

I just love everything about this cute outfit!

Having a lot of left over fabric I decided to make another almost identical outfit for my other niece that will be turning one in a few months.

I always loved putting my girls in dresses but when they were babies I hated seeing the old white diaper underneath. I always tried to make sure they had a diaper cover on especailly for pictures. With Mya's outfit I decided to add a little diaper cover. Having never made one before I used one of Brayden's diapers as a pattern. I think the whole outfit is just adorable. The diaper cover ended up being a little smaller than I would have liked. I'm not sure it's going to fit her. Not having a one year old around I couldn't try it on anyone but my big 2 year old. He loved that (hehehehe)!

I still LOVE these outfits. I hope the mom's of these little girls like the outfits as much as I do!


Camille said...

You have the cutests ideas. I have never seen the headband idea! I always see the pedastool things in stores with bands hanging on the sides, but I don't know where you can buy one of those. I have my bows hung up just on ribbons for now but not my headbands. I love the oatmeal idea! That is brilliant. I'll have to buy some oatmeal now and use it just so I can have the jar! ;)
And yes, Mya's outfit is super cute. I am yet to try it on her cause I always forget until she's dressed. She will wear it but I did alreayd have a b-day party outfit for her that matches our ZEBRA print decor! It's so cute and has become my latest obsession, but don't worry, she'll wear your outfit plenty of times around her birthday too! Thank you for making it!

Our Family said...

Nice job! Super cute ideas! They turned out great!

Becky said...

Those are great ideas, and SO CUTE! I'm gonna have to remember that : )