Monday, August 01, 2011

A Trip To Prescott

I've wanted to take a trip to Prescott before school started again. Last weekend we were finally able to go. I was hoping that our trip to Prescott would be for several days but it ended up being quite quick. Kory needed to go to Prescott for a kitchen measurement and wanted to tag along with the kids and I to save gas money. However he wasn't able to get a single day off so we left Saturday morning and returned monday just in time for him to get to work that afternoon. Despit the quick trip we had a great time with our friends. We stayed with our best friends, the Schultz. April had found this pool on clearance and brought it out for the kids to enjoy. Despite having 7 kids in a small pool they all had a good time. The kids kept going back and forth from the pool to the trampoline.

April's husband Kevin was out of town which was too bad, we missed him. Kory did his thing all day saturday while April and I entertained the kiddo's. When he got home April and I left him alone with all 7 kids under the age of 8. We did take April's baby with us and headed off to Hobby Lobby, my FAVORITE store of all time. I could spend hours there walking up and down each isle. I bought some fabric for an upcoming project that Madeylyn and I are going to do. After Hobby Lobby we went to Target and then to another friends for me to get a much needed hair cut. I love the new do! April and I had a great time together having some much needed alone/girl time together. It was great to be together, to reminence about the past. It's been a year now that we moved. I still miss my best friend living across the street.

One of the things I miss about Prescott is the Monsoon season. I love the rain. Almost every afternoon the clouds would come rolling in, we'd have a little thunder a little lightening, a big down pour that lasts less then 10 minutes and then it's gone till the next day. Sunday after church we got to experience the monsoon season again. The kids were out side playing while we were putting dinner together. We had seen the dark clouds on our way home from church but they weren't close by. All of a sudden we saw lightening, heard a roar of thunder and then BOOM! The kids didn't even have a chance. They were drenched. That's what I find so amazing about the monsoons. There's not a lot of leading up to the big storm, there's no sprinkling. One minute it's dry and the next everything is wet!

Dancing in the rain.


Thanks for hosting us April, we had a GREAT time.

Can't wait to do it again.