Wednesday, January 25, 2012

20 Weeks Along

Today it's official. I am 20 weeks today.

Where has the time gone???

I really do feel like this pregnancy is going by fast. Maybe it's the going to school online, the 4 kids I take care of on a daily basis, teaching preschool 2x a week, the holiday's we just went through or maybe being in the YW Presidency. Not quite sure what it is but time seems to be flying. I forget I'm pregnant until someone asks how far along I am. Last night I was asked how many weeks I was and my mind completely went blank. I couldn't answer her. I really did not know what week I was in. My answer to her was far enough along that I'll be having an ultrasound in the next few weeks so I guess I'm at least 17 weeks!


With any of my other kids I would have known that yesterday I was 19weeks and 6 days.

I was on the other day and came across a cute idea of monthly belly shots. So here's to our 1st photo shoot over the next few months. Thanks girls for your help, Emily for holding the sign and Madelyn for taking the picture. It was fun!

Pregnancy Facts

I'm feeling the baby move quite a bit now. It's great to know there's a reason why my belly continues to get bigger. Baby's still small enough that I can't feel with my hand baby moving from the outside. Doesn't stop my kiddo's from trying though.

I'm constantly peeing during the 24 hour day period. Doesn't matter what time or where I'm at.

I've never really craved sweets in pregnancy and this one doesn't look to be any different. What I am craving however is eggs and dark green vegetables. Paticularly steamed spinach and broccoli. I'd eat broccoli for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. The other night for dinner I steamed 3 heads of broccoli. All my kids took a spoonful (they all like brocolli too) and then it's embarasing to admit that I ate the rest. I had to have eaten 2 1/2 heads all by myself. Soon after it was gone Hunter asked for me to pass the broccoli to him. I told him it was gone. His reply was,"What the heck??? You ate all that??? What are you a pig???" Gee, I think I've heard this before but it wasn't coming from him!


Camille said...

LOL That is funny! Hunter cracks me up. Cute pic- I love that emily holds the sign! :)