Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It's a New Year...

Last Friday morning I talked to my best friend, April, in Az finalizing our weekend plans. You see Kory had a job in AZ to finish and so our whole family had plans to go with him. Being Kory had to work Friday night our plan was to leave saturday morning and arrive in sunny Arizona sometime that afternoon. We were going to take both families to our favorite restaurant, Garcia's, for dinner. Saturday night both our families including kids would attend a New Year's Eve Party at our old bishop's house. Several other friends were also attending. We were so excited to see everyone again. Our plan sunday was to attend church at 8 am and spend the rest of the day catching up with each other's lives. On Monday April and I were going to hit all the Christmas Clearance's at a few differnet stores. I was really looking forward to going to Hobby Lobby my most favorite store of all time. We thought about taking the kids to the park that afternoon and just enjoying what little time we had together. Tuesday morning our family would leave Arizona to return home in time for Kory to be to work by 4 that afternoon. We knew it would kind of be a short trip but we were going to make the best of our few days away from home.

Come Friday night, our bags were packed, the van loaded, Kory was off to work and I was arguing with the kids why we had to wait until the next morning to leave instead of what they wanted :leaving Daddy in Utah to find himself a ride to AZ the next day. Silly kids, it was because of Daddy we were going to AZ in the first place. I was sitting on the couch folding my last batch of towels when Brayden came to me saying he was sick. I asked him where he was sick at and before he could answer he threw up all over me and the couch. UGH!!!! I was desperately hoping it was a fluke. Not the case every 15-20 minutes like clock work from 7 o' clock that night till 1 o'clock the next morning my baby boy was sick. At midnight Hunter came down to inform me that he too had just thrown up. From then until 8 the next morning Hunter was throwing up every hour. When Kory got home at 3 that morning I told him that the kids and I just couldn't go. Not only do I not want to be stuck in the van for several hours with puking kids but it wouldn't be right to show up at someone else's home with sick kids. And so our wonderful plans changed.

Saturday I spent the day washing sheets, comforter's, blankets, towels and trying to disinfect our entire house. As saturday night approached and no else got sick we were seriously considering leaving sunday morning to AZ as a family and continuing on with an even shorter mini vacation.

I couldn't believe it when April called that night to inform us that her kids had just started throwing up too. Seriously? I didn't know germs could be spread through the phone line. Needles to say our family didn't go to AZ this weekend. Kory did leave late sunday night, he finished the job monday and returned home in the wee hours of this morning. He may be coming down with what the boys had a few days ago as he's still in bed complaining he REALLY doesn't feel good. Hopefully he can sleep it off.

Our family rang in the new year by fixing a gigantic bowl of popcorn and watching a new movie mom had hidden away, Beethoven. Hunter, Emily and Brayden had all fallen asleep on the couch before the clock struck midnight. Madelyn desperately wanted to stay up till midnight so Kory and I stayed up with her. As soon as midnight struck we all went to bed.

The kids and I played together all day yesterday trying to make the most out of our last day of Christmas Break. Today it's back to the grind stone, school, dishes, taking out the trash, etc. I'm already missing our break that went by way to quickly.

Happy New Year's Everyone!


Camille said...

Man! That is a total bummer! I know how much you miss AZ & April, so I know you were down. Sorry!! I hate making plans and having them ruined. Specially with SICK kids. Not fun!

The Gubler Family said...

I love being a mom, UNLESS my kids have the stomach flu. UGH!! I am so sorry!