Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Break 2011

I was a little bummed to see that instead of my kids getting the full 2 weeks off like most school districts give for Christmas Break we only get 1 week and 2 days. Having the kids home has been a lot of fun. I am so glad that school is half way over. I'm looking forward to summer vacation already without all the homework, spelling words, getting up so so early to catch the bus, etc.

We are taking advantage of our Christmas Break this year.

On monday of this week Kory and Hunter got up early and drove to Panguitch. Kory with 2 of his brothers and a few of there kids went ice fishing on Panguitch Lake. The girls and I decided to stay home because quite frankly I wasn't going to go stand on ice and freeze my tushy off for a few hours to fish. That is not fun for me! However we have been having exceptionally warm weather of late. All week our outside thermostat has hit over 65 degrees. By afternoon we're almost to 70. I am not complaining about our Spring like weather we are currently having. Kory and Hunter had a wonderful time fishing in this warmer weather even though they got skunked!

Tuesday afternoon the Young Women had an incentive trip. They planned to go ice skating. Being no one had school and all the leaders had plenty of room in there cars all of us leaders took our kids. This was the 1st time my kids have gone ice skating. We all had so much fun! Madelyn started off with a little help. After about 30 minutes she ventured off on her own.
Hunter was a natural. The leaders kept asking me if this was really his 1st time on ice skates.Not long after we got there he and some cousins started playing tag. I was pretty impressed with his new found skill!

After some coaxing even Emily went out on the ice. She's sure glad she decided to be brave. She was the last one off the ice when it was time to go home and kept asking if she could do it just one more time.

Brayden and I stayed off the ice and watched everyone else have fun. We brought books and puzzles to keep us occupied together. Before heading for home we splurged and bought 2 hot chocolates to share. It was pretty good. When we 1st got there and I went to pay for all the kids I was told it was going to be $2 kids and $3 for adults. However, despite the hour drive we had to get there they considered us "locals" so it was only $1 for the kids. That included there ice skate rental too. They let Emily skate for free and the hot chocolate was $1.50 each. I spent a total of $5 for a great afternoon spent! For such cheap and fun entertainment we've got to do this again.

Tuesday night Hunter asked if I'd play Monopoly with him and his sisters.

I LOVED Monopoly growing up.

So after dinner was cleaned up we opened our new family christmas gift and started playing. We didn't start the game until 7 and didn't finish until almost 11 o' clock that night. WOW! I had forgotten how long this game can go on for. The kids had fun, I had fun and we've played it once more since.

Yesterday, wednesday, Uncle Dustin invited us to go quad sledding with his family. We don't have a snow to do it the right way so we did it a little different. Uncle Dustin has a big field behind his back yard that is quite often than not in shade. I think this field has the most snow than anywhere else in town. Which really isn't saying a lot.

Uncle Dustin tied a sled to a long piece of rope and tied it to the back of his quad.

Here's cousing Esther taking Brayden for a ride. Brayden was dressed very warm but decided he was to hot and took off his coat. I guess that just goes to show how warm it was...

Here's Emily and Madelyn. Madelyn fell off and decided she wanted to be dragged instead of getting back on the sled.

Hunter was pretty thrilled when Uncle Dustin asked him if he wanted a turn to drive it. There was no hesitation from him of course. Uncle Dustin did sit behind him during his driving "just in case".

We stayed up late again last night not getting to bed until after 10pm. This is so not like us. I'm a pretty stickler about getting my kids to bed at 8 each night. It's been fun staying up with the kids and enjoying their company. No one seems to roll out of bed until after 8. Breakfast hasn't been until almost 10am. As I said we our taking advantage of this mini break from school and are throughly enjoying ourselves and the little adventures we've done each day.


katielyn said...

That 1 week, 2 day break is ridiculous! I would boycott! Take another week off! :)

Camille said...

lots of fun inthe snow :) Where is the ice skating at? Jonathan and I went ice skating at the Fiest recently for a date night! it was a lot of fun, but we've never taken the kids. Its kind of expensive and I don't know that they'd do well. They struggle with roller skating. But your kids did great so I dunno? Fun fun!