Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Junior Jazz

Several weeks ago both Madelyn and Hunter brought home a sign up sheet for Junior Jazz Basketball. Baskettball will be 6 weeks for each of them. Hunter's team will be Dec-Jan and Madelyn's will be Feb-Mar. Being I'm on my own at night I was glad to see we'd have a little break between the 2 different teams. The best part was that it only cost $35 for both of them to play and that includes their very own jersey they get to keep. The same jerseys will be used each year so next year it would cost us $10 less for the two of them to play again.

Can't complain right?
What I would like to complain about is Hunter's team practices. This is our first week and we have 4 practices. I assumed when I signed them up that the practices would be after school sometime. Boy was I wrong! Practices are at 6am to 7:45am at the local church by the kids elementary school. After practice all the boys walk to school together. My issue with this time is that it means my 8 year old is woken up at 5am. He gets dressed, eats, brushes his teeth, grabs his coat and then is picked up in our car pool at about 5:30am. He then continues to go around picking up other boys playing and then takes the 20min. commute to the local church and is there about 6.
So my issues with this is.....
#1 Almost 2 hour practices for 8-9 year olds?????
#2 8-9 year olds getting up at 5 am to play basketball!

After 2 days of getting up at 5 am do I even need to explain how our 8 year old is behaving?
I've been an awfully mean mom and has made him go to bed at 7:30 which is only half an hour early than normal. The problem is he lays there and can't seem to fall asleep until about 9. I think it's due to the excitement. I am hoping that tonight he will fall quickly to sleep and feel more rested tommorrow and hopefully a little less ornery!

I am so glad that tommorrow there is NO practice but we'll be back at it thur and fri.
Thank the *stars* starting next week we'll only have 2 practices but....... 3 games. Did I mention all the games are in Kanab which is 1 hour away!!!! What was I thinking????? After next week we get a 2 week break due to the Christmas holiday and then we jump back in when school resumes in January.
When Madelyn's team starts I have been told that practices should be after school and that their game will be local. Hip Hip Hooray!
Now if we can only get through the next 6 weeks!


The Gubler Family said...

Just wait till they grow up and it's football they are interested in. Not only are the fees WAY more expensive, but practices are 3 hours EVERY day, AND they come home with injuries that scare you to death. BUT, they love it!!!! And if you think football is expensive, just hope your daughter doesn't get into ballroom dance. We won't even get into that one.

Hope they are having fun!!!

Camille said...

Holy Crap!! That IS crazy. I'd be pulling the plug so quick, so you are a better mom than me. Even if you do get mean! LOL I'd be so stinkin' onery! ;)