Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Twas' the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring NOT even a mouse. The children were nestled all snug in there beds with strick instructions from Daddy not to get out of bed until 7 the next morning. Daddy however working nights for almost a year now REALLY struggles sleeping like the rest of the family on the weekends. Saturday night was no exception. The kids were all in bed by 9:30 and at 10:30 when I went to bed they were sleeping. Kory came to bed about midnight and I KNOW he struggled with sleep. With all his tossing and turning I felt like he kept me up all night too. We were both lying awake at 5 am sunday morning when Kory suddenly said, "I can't sleep let's go wake up the kids". I said, "Heck no! With all your threats from the night before you are not waking anyone up till 7." After another 30 minutes listening to him toss and turn, knowing I wasn't going to get much more sleep I threw in the towel. Kory jumped out of bed, ran upstairs and woke the kids up. Despite the picture Brayden wasn't crying just yawning and stretching. Can't imagine why?????Santa definetly found us...
Santa brought Hunter a Star Wars Lego set. He also filled his stocking with a box of Mike and Ike's, a star wars watch that came with a figure and Indiana Jones 2 WII game.
Mom and Dad gave him some real cow boy boots, a nerf gun and a Lego Star Wars set. The rest of the goodies came from Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. This year we had the kids exchange gifts that could go in our food storage or just storage in general. They had so much fun with this. Hunter was given several deodorants and a bottle of white gas for his bbq.

Santa found Madelyn too.

Santa brought her a Hello Kitty Camera. Her stocking was filled with a new watch, Just Dance Kids WII game and a box of Sugar Babie candies.

For several weeks now Madelyn and I have been talking about giving her Barbie house a make- over. So mom and dad gave her a box with 4 different Barbie house furniture rooms, a pair of boots and a box of Horses that her barbies can ride. For her food storage gift she received several boxes of cake mixes and brownie mixes. The rest of her goodies came from friends at school and extended family members.

Santa brought Emily a horse for her baby doll's along with a new doll. Her new doll is dressed up as a Horse Jockey. She loves it! Her stocking had a new watch, a Pet Rescue WII game and a box of Gobstopers.

Mom and Dad gave her a doll house with a ton of family members and so much furniture it won't all fit that I bought months ago off of Craigslist. We also gave her a new Memory game. She like the rest of the kids recieved many gifts from fellow classmates, her preschool teacher and extended family members. Her food storage gift was a case of Top Ramen (her favorite) and 2 cases of Mac N' Cheese (her 2nd all time favorite).

Brayden was so much fun to watch this year.

Santa brought him a Fire Station that has a fire truck, 2 firemen and a dog. His stocking had a box of Skittles and Diego movie. Mom and Dad gave him Diego puzzles a Diego book and a game. I think he was more thrilled with the play dough his Nursery Teacher gave him and the crocheted ball Grandpa Bob (other nursery teacher) gave him. His food storage gift that didn't make it into the picture was several boxes of Life Cereal, his favorite. He too recieved a few extra gifts from cousins.

After pictures and the floor was picked up Mom and Dad went back to bed while the kids played with their new toys. Hunter kept himself busy with his new lego's.

After a great Musical Sacrament Meeting only we came home and started to get ready for the Heaton Family Christmas Party we hosted this year. Brayden kept himself entertained on the stairs playing with his new playdough.

We had a great Christmas this year.

Kory and I enjoyed just sitting and listening to our children playing and talking together. It was a great spent day! We recieved some fun Family Christmas Presents this year. My brother gave us a sled. Now all we need is the snow! Kory's sister gave the kids 2 of those blow up balls that kids sit and jump acorss the room on. On top of the ball came a fabric horse, so that it looks like the kids are galloping. My parents gave the kids a teepee to play in. I'll have to post pictures of these soon.

Merry Christmas everyone!