Monday, December 26, 2011

Heaton Christmas Party 2011

This year being we are the new family to town Kory and I decided to host Christmas Dinner for the Heaton Family. We invited his 4 siblings and their families that live here in town along with 2 other siblings that live within 2 hours from town. In then end only 5 of his siblings and their families came. His older sister Holly decided not to make it because her oldest is on a mission in Texas and for some reason wasn't able to call home until that evening. Can't blame her for not coming. However, they were missed.

We had lots and lots and lots of food to eat. Being the host of this grand event I missed out on taking pictures during our grand turkey and ham dinner. After dinner some of the adults stayed on the couches visiting while other sat around the table playing games. Here are the 4 oldest grandkids that were present.
The boys kept themselves enteratained with the WII, nerf guns and lego's.

After I kicked the boys off the WII, the girls took their opportunity to play Just Dance Kids.

I think they had fun.

The little girls and boys had fun playing in the girls room and loft.

Our house was FULL, it was little LOUD and CRAZY at times but I hope we all had fun.

It was good to have everyone that could come, come. It's nice to know that my house could hold 40+ people all at the same time and survive. I have the best sister-in-laws ever. Before everyone left they ALL helped clean up bedrooms that suprisingly weren't bad and helped wash, dry and put away all the dirty dishes. Even though my dishes were done and my sink was empty before everyone arrived it was astounding to see how many dishes we had piled up after our big meal. I was very thankful for all the help in the clean up.

Merry Christmas Everyone!