Friday, December 23, 2011

Ward Christmas Party!

After many, many discussion's with my Young Women it was decided that they wanted to make watch bands for their Christmas Present. Each girl chose to make 3 of them. My kids then decided that they wanted to make the same thing for their teachers this year. This has become a tradition as this is our 3rd year in a row making them for school teachers. Between tue and wed of this week I helped make 14 watch bands. Here's just a few of them. Can I say I'm all beaded out?Yesterday being the last day of school for the year the kids and I celebrated by making sugar cookies!
So much fun...

Somehow I forgot to take a picture of all the yummy cookies made!

Today someone dropped off a Christmas Plate for us. I loved it and had to share.

It's several paper plates with plastic cups stuffed with plastic forks, knives and spoons. Sitting on top of the 1st plate was several pieces of candy along with gummy bears.

Here's a close up of the poem.

Isn't that great!

Tonight was our ward Christmas Party!

Santa made his entrance in a way I've never seen before.

On a fire truck with lights and siren's blazing.

I didn't get pictures of Santa with all my kids but my brother-in-law did. I'll have to post them another time. I was suprised that Santa was able to bribe Brayden on to his lap with NO tears!

After Santa left the building we ate a light dinner. Here's Hunter with all his boy cousins.

Miss Madelyn... Oops! Caught her with her mouth full.

Miss Emily....

and Brayden.....

One of the events during the night was a edible table center piece contest. This is what I submitted....

Everything is edible.

The figures are made out of cake and their heads are a sugar cookie.

It was fun to make. It took a lot of time and effort and I'll probably never do it again. There was so much detail with so many different colors and in 2 different types of frosting. This definetly ended up being a bigger project that what I thought it would be. But... It was still fun and I won 1st place.


After dinner the Primary kids sang Christmas Songs dressed up.

Madelyn is standing right in front of the mike with the grey robe and blue head piece (a shepard). Emily is right behind her wearing a white angel robe.

Hunter was also a shepard. Middle row far left.

Wish Kory could have been with us.

I hate how many activities he misses due to the night shift. We were really hoping he'd get tonight off but instead gets Monday. Oh well... The kids and I still had fun visiting with our new friends and family.