Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It seems like these past 2 weeks our family has been run ragged!

Mostly it's due to this little man in our lives. Hunter had 3 games last week plus 2 practices. The 1st two games his team won by more than 10 points, his last game this past saturday they didn't do so well. They lost by 10 points! Despite the loss he still had fun. His coach has moved the early 6 am practices to after school for an hour in a half instead. I love this much better even though it interferes with dinner time!(Hunter's sitting on the far right, bottom row)

Earlier this month we put our christmas tree up.

It was fun to see the littler ones getting into the festivities.

Ta da.....

During the past 2 weeks we've had two HUMOUNGOUS winter storms.
I hate the cold cold cold temperatures these bring. I have a hard time sending my kids out to the bus stop in 0' degree weather. We quickly learned that we could see the bus coming from up the street so the kids now wait until they see her coming before they go running out with me yelling at the them to be careful and NOT slip on the ice! One afternoon Kory brought in a little treat he picked off of our front porch for the kiddo's. Who knew ice cycles would bring so much joy for these kids.

Sunday we left for church during one of these snow storms. I couldn't help but remenence with Kory the year that church was canceled in Prescott Valley due to the snowy weather. Why oh why can't we cancel church here everytime it snowy weather? It's so stink'n cold. On our way into the building both Madelyn and Emily were whining about all the snow that was getting into their church shoes and Brayden was crying that the snow was making him wet! I wanted to complain and cry right along with them. I've decided we all need to invest in some winter sunday shoes!

I'll admit we all have some toughening up to do.

Due to our busy schedule of late (between YW, Scouts, Enrichment and Baskettball) I had to make goodies twice to pass out to our family, friends, neighbors and primary teachers. It's always fun to see the joy it brings to my kids when they give their teachers a little thank you! It makes all those dirty pots and pans and sticky floors worth it.

I've decided to take over the local preschool here in town. Kory's sister has been teaching for about 5 years now and this is her 1st year with all of her own kids in Elementary School. Her husband has talked her into finding a replacement. This week I am attending preschool with Emily to get an idea of how Heather's been doing it and to get to know the kids. This thursday will be the last day of school for my kids until next year. I'm jealous of you Arizonian's who are already out for the year!

One of the best things that has happened during the past 2 weeks was that I finished my semester of school! YEAH!!!! I am looking forward to the school break ahead for all of us. I'm glad my next semester doesn't begin again until the middle of January! I'm anxious for the kids to be done with there school and the "slowing down" it will bring to our lifes even if it is only for a little more than a week. Bring it on!


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