Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful for...

I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving for some time now and for more than one reason.

Kory and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary on Thanksgiving Day this year. It's amazing to think and ponder about our life together over the past 10 years! It's fun to say that 10 years later we have 4 kids, drive a mini van and have a white picket fence. I am very thankful for my husband. I am thankful that he is such a hard worker and wants to provide for our family. I am thankful for his love and his commitment to us. I am thankful I have a husband who helps around the house and that together we are raising our family. I know he loves me for who I am and I love him!

Another reason I was looking forward to Thanksgiving this year was knowing we were going to be away from home for 4 days! We don't travel very much any more being we live close to family. It's something I don't think I'm use to quite yet. On most occasions when we go to St. George or Hurricane it's just a day trip and seems we are always rushed to get home. We had such a great time spending some time away from home. It was great to spend a few days with family. It was great to get away from our day to day life. I loved that Kory didn't have to go to work and the kids were out of school. It was great to be able to go shopping without a time limit or being rushed to get home before Kory had to be at work or the kids were out of school.

One of the biggest reasons I was looking forward to our Thanksgiving Vacation was to let the cat out of the bag. We were the last to arrive to my parents home as Kory had to work the night before. Being we were the last this worked to our advantage of announcing our latest news to everyone. When we got there this is the shirt that Brayden wore into the house.

The front of his shirt says:

Hey, Listen up!

This li'l turkey has something big to say....

The Back:

I'm going to be a big brother!

We are very excited for our newest addition to arrive. I am currently in my 11th week. My due date is June 14, 2012. This just happens to be my mother-in-laws birthday. Madelyn is hoping the baby will arrive on June 25, her birthday. I hope not! Kory's birthday is June 4. I'd be fine if baby wanted to be born that day or even June 11th as that's my father-in-laws birthday. Either way I think June is full of birthday's already.


Sara said...

OH, my Gosh!!! COngrats, Tina! That is awesome. You guys are going to be crazy busy. I totally know what you mean about getting away from the house. It's sad to take fewer family trips. And now you guys will fill up your van!

Natty said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! So excited for your little family!

katielyn said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for your family.

I also love your sweet thoughts about your husband. It's always nice to remember the sweet things about the man you're married to. Thanks for helping me keep perspective.