Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Today I'm playing blog catch up. We were gone all day saturday moving Kory's tools to his new shop and didn't notice until sunday morning when I tried going to LDS music. com that our internet was down. It is FINALLY up and running again. The company blames our recent snow activity. Yes, it did snow for almost 3 straight days in a row but we didn't get that much. I'm afraid to see what happens during the harsh winter months when we've got 4 feet on the ground, and there sattelite has who knows how much sitting in it's dish!
Our family has had chickens for a few years now. We do this mainly for the eggs. We started in Prescott Valley as something to try because we could. We had ducks and chickens at that time. It was a great learning experience for the kids. There was a little store down the street that would buy our extra eggs for $3 a dozen. As long as the kids kept up with there chore of taking care of our friendly fowls they could keep the money. They loved this.
When we moved to Utah we gave our chickens to our best friends.
When we moved to our new home we found a chicken coop already installed in the barn in our back yard. We found ourselves more chickens and have continued to have all the eggs we can get. Living in such a remote area I quickly realized that cereal/milk was going to be WAY to expensive to eat as often as we were use to. I'm not doing coupons anymore and not having any stores around to compare prices with each other just wasn't working. We decided to do away with cold cereal! We got more chickens to give us more eggs for more wholesome breakfasts.
Several weeks ago a few of our chickens got sick and died. We were left with 7. Last friday morning Hunter went out to feed his chickens and discovered a neighbors dog in the coop with a chicken hanging out of his mouth. Hunter "kicked" the dog out of the coop. Unfortunately the dang dog got to 4 of our chickens. Yesterday, Hunter and Madelyn again went out to feed his chickens to discover our last 3 chickens had been killed. Madelyn was in tears. She was so upset that those dogs got to her chickens. And so we now have no more chickens!
It's not exactly the season to buy chickens and so we hope to do things a little different come feb. Kory's brother has an incubater he is willing to loan us and we are going to hatch ourselves our very own chickens. What an experience that's going to be!


The Gubler Family said...

So sorry to hear about the dog attacks. The same thing happened to our chickens. One day one got into our yard and killed our favorite chicken (an americana that was suppose to lay colored eggs) and when I went after the dog, it bit me. I called animal control and they came and got the dog but the next day the owners had gotten it back out. Because it didn't break the skin when the dog bit me, they wouldn't do anything about it. I was so mad. If I had had a bat in my hands, I would have killed the stupid dog.