Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our 1st Snow Fall

Is it possible to be tired of the snow already?

It started snowing at our house late saturday night. We woke up Sunday morning to it still snowing, we went to church while it was snowing, we came home from church while it was snowing. I went V.T later that afternoon as it still continued to snow. We went to bed that night to it snowing. The kids got up for school monday suprised to see it STILL snowing. When they got home from school it was still snowing and didn't STOP until tuesday mid morning.

It was a cold 3 days and I'm pretty thankful for all the wood we've got sitting on our porch just waiting to heat up our house for us. During a brief snow fall stop on monday the 2 younger ones wanted to go out to play. Emily's 1st thing to do in the snow was of course to eat it. Brayden came to me tattling that Emily was eating gross stuff. I told him that it was O.K to eat the snow. This was his reaction....
Really mom, I can eat this stuff????

and so he did...

We were given a swing set before we moved here and what a blessing it has been. Emily and Brayden go out to play on it daily. I wondered if they'd still play during our winter months and I suppose the snow didn't deter them. They still had fun.

When the big kids got home from school they decided to play during another brief, lack of snow fall.

The snow was never coming down really really hard it was just a constant light snow fall. After almost 3 days of snowing we only got about 4 inches. When I knew we were moving up here I started looking for snow boots at D.I. I was pretty blessed to find each of the kids some boots and only payed $3-5 a pair.

It's been pretty sunny since the snow fall stopped and lucky for me has started to melt a lot already. I don't know what is worse. Fresh white snow all over my tile floors that quickly turns to little puddles that no one BUT mom seems to notice to clean up or the now brown, muddy slush all over my floors. As cold as our house gets thanks to all the tile flooring, I am thankful for the somewhat easy clean up I have.
I'm not ready for the daily mopping up of snow!

I am definetly going to start some new rules about shoes being taken off at the door, regardless of the amount of time being spent inside before going back out.