Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A weekend in Vegas

Two weekends ago our family made a quick trip to Vegas.

That saturday afternoon Kory and I had the priviledge of attending a VERY special sealing.

My brother, Jonathan and his wife Camille and there two children, were sealed to their newest addition to the family. Miss Mya has been apart of their family since she was born. Her birth mother abandoned her at the hospital and Jonathan and Camille became her foster parents. They brought her home from the hospital and have had her in there home for the past 13.5 months. She is so adorable. She's like a little doll!

Her adoption was finalized before a judge that thursday and then this sweet little girl was sealed to her family on Saturday! It was such a wonderful experience.

Something the sealer said to everyone in that sealing room has stuck with me during the past two weeks. It was something that I heard but really didn't think about until my mom and I started talking about it. The sealer said that before we were born we prayed for our parents.

I've never thought about that. Why wouldn't we pray for our future family?

He mentioned that before Mya was born she knew who her birth parents were going to be. She knew the situation she was going to be born into. She also knew that she COULD have the opportunity to be sealed to a righteous, loving family. The sealer believes that Mya was praying that Jonathan and Camille would find her, she prayed for them to live righteous lives so that she could be apart of there family for forever.

For the rest of us in the sealing room he said our children that have already been born to us prayed for us too. The children that have not yet joined our families are still praying for us. They want their family to be together forever in the here after. They are praying for us to remain righteous, to keep the commandments, to do everything we know we are suppose to be doing. They want to join a loving family that will be together forever!

Isn't that just the coolest thing you've ever heard?


Camille said...

Great post Tina!! I love it! :)