Thursday, May 24, 2012

37 weeks

As I mentioned in my previous post both Kory and I were hoping I'd have baby Kylie sometime this up coming weekend just for convience sake. I have tried almost everything I have ever heard of trying to get some contractions started. For instance walking everywhere I go, bouncing on a excersise ball (is suppose to make baby drop to apply pressure to the cervix),  walking, eating a lot of pineapple and spicy foods (irritates the bowels to start contractions), walking, taking Evening Primrose Oil orally 2x a day and using it as a suppository at night (softens cervix to allow baby to drop and apply pressure), walking, sex (Kory asked is this was the feast before the famine? LOL), walking, doing everything I was told not to do a few weeks ago because it started contractions (vacuming, mopping, going up and down the stairs, etc.), accupressure,  oh... and did I mention walking???? Despite how hard I've tried I've basicly had absolutley NO contractions during the past week! Yesterday I did drive to Orderville and back and had several braxton hicks with maybe 2-3 real contractions but nothing significant. I told Kory yesterday that I've given up on this weekend. I'm not planning on baby Kylie making her big entry any time soon. I told him when the doctor checked me at 34 weeks I was barely a one and I wouldn't be suprised if I hadn't made any significant changes.

This morning I had my 37 week appt. I wasn't suprised to hear I was only a 2+ and still pretty thick. It's progress but not much! Kory decided that we need to make plans for this weekend and then Kylie will decide to come afterall. I guess we'll see but I'm not planning on it. As mentioned before at my last appt. my doctor said she'd induce me if I wanted on June 4th. On this date I would be 38 weeks and 4 days! Now I've heard from almost everyone that doctors have a hard time inducing before the 39th week. There is a new law or something or another that makes it dificult for the doctor to explain why induction is neccesary before 39 weeks. She put in a request at the hospital for June 4th with the excuse of me having big babies at 39 weeks, being 2 hours away from the hospital and having quick labors. Her request was denied! Meaning the earliest she can induce is June 7th, the 39th week mark. I can still go into labor on my own and won't be sent home or if I have any bleeding, migraine with dizziness, sudden extreme swolleness, etc it would mean medically neccesary and she could induce before that 39th week mark.

My mom asked earlier today if I was disapointed with this news? I'm really not. Maybe it's because June 4 to June 7 is only 3 days more??? I'm not uncomfortable, I don't have the feeling "get this baby out", I can breathe, I can eat, she's not hurting me. I'm doing just fine. My only complaint is the frequent need to pee and my shirts are getting to short to cover up the ugly prego paneling in my pants! Honestly I feel like if I went to 40 weeks or beyond it woudn't bug me at the moment (I'm sure it would if I did by that point) but I'm still very content with this pregnancy. I'll admit I don't want to go to the full 40 weeks in fear of how big this baby would be and the need of a c-section. Madelyn was my longest term baby. She came at like 39 weeks and 2 days or something. She weighed 8lb 14oz. She was too big and I had a very hard time getting her out. The doctor had basicly given up and we were being prepped for a c-section. The only thing we were waiting on was for the Anesthesiologist to come back in to do his job for the c-section. While waiting several minutes and having had a much needed break from pushing the Doctor decided to try a few more times while we continued to wait. Kory was pushed into the corner to get dressed in scrubs and I ended up with a nurse on both sides of me pushing on my belly while I too was pushing. The anesthesiologist came in just as I pushed her head out. About bloody time! By then of course it was too late and we were basicly done. Of all my kids it took me the longest to recover from her birth than anyone elses. I really don't want a repeat of that! All of my kids have been on the larger side for the week they were born in. If they had gone "full" term (40 weeks) all of them could have easily been 9+ lbs. And so instead of letting nature take it's course I will allow myself to be induced at 39 weeks. I'll just hope and pray Kylie isn't too big! What's crazy when I really think about it is that June 7th is exactly 2 weeks from today. Induction would take place before 8am and by this time 2 weeks from now we'll have met our newest addition. Scary!!!