Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kylie Bobbette Heaton

Meet our newest addition.....

Kylie Bobbette Heaton
Born May 29, 2012 @ 23:23 (11:23pm)
7lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches long

 Here's our birth story:  On tuesday morning after getting Hunter and Madelyn off to school the rest of our family spent several hours in our garden. We moved the water hoses, picked weeds and planted a few herbs. I was hoping that working in the garden for the upteenth time would bring on some contractions but no such luck. We came home, Kory worked on his laptop and I set up the playpen in our room for the future arrival of Kylie. Kory eventually left for work about 2:15, my big kids came home from school at 3:30 and by 4 we were next door to help Aunt Natoshia pack up her car as she was moving to Nebraska the following morning. I really didn't do anything but take a few canning jars and plastic containers downstairs into her storage room. I then sat at the kitchen island chit chatting with everyone else that was there to help. Aunt Heather had a banquet to attend later that night with her husband and her big girls. I volunteered to watch her little girls ages 9, 6 until she got home so that they wouldn't have to spend the evening by themselves at home. She dropped the girls off about 6 and I started warming up left overs for dinner to feed everyone. While going through my fridge I was filling up our chicken buckett rather quickly. I asked the kids to go empty it and told them that dinner would be ready when they got back in. Being it wasn't just my kids feeding the chickens it was taking them a bit longer than usual. It was now about 6:45 and tired of waiting for the kids to come back in I put the last plate in the microwave,  pulled up the internet to blog about some recent projects I had completed, the microwave beeped, I set the now warm plate on the table and sat down on our computer chair. Immediately I felt a gush. I just sat there thinking no way was that my water breaking. I must have lost complete control of my bladder. However there is no way I could have pee'd that much that quickly and be as wet as I was and have a puddle in the chair. I went hobbling into the bathroom still unsure of what had just happened. I kept standing and sitting trying to see if I could get more gushing. Nothing was happening. I changed my pants feeling a bit embarrased and glad my kids weren't around to see me "pee" my pants. I started walking back out to the kitchen to "surf" the net real quick about how to tell if your water had indeed broken becuase I was still a bit unsure what had just happened. And then it happened again. A huge gush and I was soaked! With every movement of me walking back to my room more and more fluid was leaking. 

I immediately called Kory to inform him. He said he'd be home right away. I started calling around to sister-in-laws to take care of my extra kiddo's and no one was home. In the end I called Natoshia who was moving the next morning and asked her if she'd take the girls I was tending. By this time the kids were inside ready to eat. Natoshia came right over and having dinner ready got everyone eating while I ran around getting everything we would need in Cedar out in the car. Kory got home, had to get in the shower as he was covered in black coal dust. When he was ready we quickly loaded the kids up with the intention's of meeting my parents at the hospital who would take them until it was time for us to go back home. Of course the van was on empty so we had to make a quick stop to fill it up. Lucky for us instead of having the 2 hour drive ahead of us that we were planning on Cedar Mnt. had just announced that they would have the road open every weekend and during the week from 7pm-7am. So it only took us an hour to get to the hospital.

About 8:30pm we pulled into the hospital parking lot. I was having contractions about every 8 minutes but they didn't really hurt. Some did but the majority seemed to be more like Braxton Hicks. The worse part about them was that every stink'n contraction real or not that came I had the pleasure of feeling another "gush" come out of me. I seriously had no idea what it was like to have your water break. I assumed it was a one time occurance but for me it most definetly was not. When I got out of the van I had another "gush". Getting out of the van the kids said it looked like I had pee'd my pants. By the time I had walked into labor and delivery I felt like I had jumped into the pool waist deep. My pants stuck to me, my socks were soaked and I felt I had a pool of water in my shoes. Disgusting!!!  It was by far the most bizarre feeling I have ever had!   When the nurse checked me I was a bit bummed to hear I was only dialated to a 3 and still pretty thick. The nurse thought we'd probably have a baby in the wee early hours the next moening.

An I.V was placed about 9pm and I was started on just a little pit to see if we could get some contractions started. By 10pm I was at a 5 and the Anesthesiologist was called for an epidural.  At 10:30 I had just received my epidural and could feel it starting to take effect. When checked the baby's head could be felt and I was at a 6. At 11 o'clock my doctor came in to check on us. I was now at a 7-8 and was told that baby was quickly decending and that we'd probably have a baby by midnight. This was my 5th epidural and I have never had any issues with them in the past. This time however I had a hot spot which means I was numb where I was suppose to be except for one paticular spot on my right side. Oh my HECK!!!! Even though the majority of me was numb I could not believe the pain I was feeling in this one little spot. I have no idea how women give birth naturally. There is no way I would ever even try to do it naturally having felt the pain I felt this go round in that one little spot. Kuddo's to those women who can do it. I am most definetly not one of them. Not much later I was starting to push and miss Kylie was born at 23:23 or 11:23pm. We were only at the hospital for about 3 hours before she was born. To be only at a 3 when we got there and really not having any contractions at all.... This birth went so fast!! I'm not complaining by any means but still have a hard time thinking about how fast everything went.

We had a few visitor's come see us the following morning. Here's Aunt Hanna taking a turn with her newest niece.
 Lovely picture of Kory and I!
 Unfortunately my camera's batteries decided to die. Luckily Aunt Sheri was there with her camera and took pictures of our kids taking turns holding Kylie. When I get them from her I'll have to share.

When all of our visitor's left Kory went out and bought some new batteries for us. Wed. night Kylie was tested for jaundice and her scores were a bit too high. She had the priviledge of spending the night on lights. She had to wear a face mask to protect her eyes from the lights. She absolutely HATED the mask!!!
 This morning to our delight we were released from the hospital. We met up with my mom to get our big kids back and headed home with our newest addition. It's so good to be home. Kory had to leave for work almost immediately this afternoon when we got home leaving me by myslef with all 5 kids. I was a bit worried wondering if I would survive by myself on my own tonight but everyone has done really well. The big kids have done great taking turns holding Kylie and just being helpful. There hasn't been any whinning, fighting, they've done what they were asked the 1st time and have just been very helpful to me. I really, really appreciate there help this afternoon.  
 Emily was pretty proud of herself when she discovered that while she was singing to Kylie she had fallen asleep. She let me know that if I wanted I could wake her up in the middle of the night for her to sing Kylie back to sleep if I wanted. So helpful!
 I was on the other couch talking with the girls and Brayden when I heard Hunter mumbling something to Kylie. It took me a minute but I was able to tune out what the girls were saying and focus on the mumbling. He was telling her in a hushed tone how pretty she was and that he loved her already! I then asked him out loud what he was saying? He wouldn't tell me and acted embarased that I may have heard what he was saying. I just let it go but I'm pretty sure of what I heard him saying. He's been a bit bummed to have another sister. He was really hoping that the ultra sound was wrong and he'd get another brother. I'm glad he'll admit even if it's only to the baby that he loves her already. Despite his teasing and not knowing when to quit egging his siblings on he has MANY moments of being a good big brother.  
Here's our beautiful little girl!
Kylie Bobbette Heaton

The kids picked Kylie's 1st name several months ago. I think it's pretty cute and everyone's agreed, even Daddy to stick with it. When it came to a middle name I have been unsure and Kory's been of no help of course. We have given all of our kids a "family name". For some it's their 1st name and for the other's it's their middle name. Some of the "family names" are from the Heaton side while other's are from the Christensen side. All of them have a family member that they were named after. I wanted to contine this with Kylie.

My parents live across the driveway from my grandparents. My kids call my grandparents GG (great grandma) and GG pa (great grandpa). Being we lived in Hurricane for a year before moving to Alton I felt like each of my kids developed a relationship with their GG and GGpa. Even Brayden only being 2 loved to go on walks with GG and get a never ending supply of jelly beans from his GG pa. Unfortunately GG is suffering from Alzheimers. On her good days she knows who my children are. But more often than not she does not remember their names or who they are or that she is their great grandma. Alzheimer's is such a horrible disease. It saddens me to know that at this moment in time for the most part she does not remember my kids. Hunter, Madelyn and Emily are old enough that I think they will always remember GG. They have memories of living across the driveway from her. They will beable to share stories about her with there own kids one day. Brayden I think is too young and won't be able remember the short time he had with her but at least he was able to spend some good times with her regardless. She could get him to laugh, they talked to each other and he was always quick to give both GG and GGpa hugs and kisses. Almost every sacrament meeting Brayden would walk over and sit on GG's lap. It breaks my heart to know that Kylie will never have this experience with her GG. Kylie will know who she is because we will teach her but she'll never have the experiences that my other children had by living so close and before the Alzheimer's really took control of her life. I don't think GG will ever "know" Kylie like she was able to "know" my other kids. GG will probably always have to ask who that little girl is, what her name is and how she belongs to the family. After much thought we've decided to name Kylie after her GG, Bobbette Grow. Whether GG knows it or not Kylie and her will always have something in common, something that they share, a bond. So that is why we've named our new little girl
Kylie Bobbette Heaton. We love our GG and GG pa!


Janet said...

Congratulations! We are so happy that your bundle of joy is here and all is well! She is beautiful!

Our Family said...

AHHHHH!!!! She is so SWEET! Congrats Heaton's!

Camille said...

love the post and so glad to hear it is going well with cooperative kids help! She is so pretty! I can't wait to get my hands on her!!