Tuesday, July 03, 2012

One month old...

Kylie turned one month old last week. It's AMAZING how quickly time goes by.
At Kylie's 2 week check up 2 weeks ago she weighed 7 lbs 1 oz.  5 oz. shy of her birth weight, 7'6. She reminds me of Emily a lot, tiny and petite. She's a great baby! She's doing great with all the extra love her big sister's and brother's give her. I learned real quick that if I keep her awake from 8-10pm, nurse her good, put her to bed on her belly she will sleep about 5 hours straight. Heck, that's almost a full night's sleep. She's slowly changing and I'm not liking it. I want her to stay a new born just a while longer.

Kylie's staying awake more and more each day. I love her big blue eye's although I'm sure they'll turn to brown like all of her older siblings did. She will grasp your finger and hold on tight in her tiny little hand. She's starting to smile when talked to. Kory tickles her belly and she grunts. One day she's going to suprise us with a giggle when being tickled by daddy. She's able to hold her head up more and more each day. Her little neck muscles are getting stronger. My favorite thing about Kylie at the moment is her snuggling, she loves it. I love the feel of her tiny body resting on my shoulder. The way her head nestles into my neck. I love her baby smell.  I love the little grunts and groans and the little noises she makes. I've finally put away most of her NB outfits especially the ones with enclosed feet attached and have replaced them with 0-3 months. Most of these new clothes are still too big on her and so she's still useing some NB summer clothes and a handful of 0-3 clothes. I love the new born stage. it's one of my favorites. I'm thankful she's staying so tiny for me. I love you Kylie.