Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Heaton Reunion 2012

Heaton Reunion 2012

Every year the Heaton's get together in Alton for a family reunion. This year our family was in charge of the dinner Friday night. Uncle Kevin put together a yummy dinner of dutch oven potato's & chicken, salads, rolls and a few sheet cakes. We were told to plan for about 150 people this year. 

 Uncle Dustin brought his horses to share. Daddy got off work in time to help give rides, here's Emily.
 One thing about Heaton reunion's is that there is plenty of good, yummy food to go around.
Brayden ate his brownie first!
 All of the kids look forward to seeing and playing with there cousins alll weekend long. Why should it stop at bed time? Here's Emily and Emma sleeping together at our house.
 Our reunion theme this year was education. There were several different stations split up into "classes" on saturday. This is the Art class, the kids painted pencils and then attached  feather's to the erasers. The girls made Fancy Nancy pencils and the boys made the feather's look like an arrow pencil. I guess I didn't get a pict. of the final products. This was the "favorite" class for the kids. Painting + Kids = TOO MUCH FUN!
 The Home Ec Class was learning how to make homemade cheese and yogurt. Taught by our very own Aunt Harmony and Aunt Heather.
 English class was writing letter's to missionaries who don't get a lot of letter's from home. Uncle Ron and his wife our currenly serving as the Mission President in Argentina. They will pass these letter's around.
 In the Horticulture class the kids planted poppie seeds. These were Grandma Heaton's favorite flower. 
 P.E was playing dodgeball, each family against a different family. This is the "Karl", our family.
 There were also some extra curicular activities held outside. A dance class for the girls
 and basketball for the daddies.
 The younger kids had fun just playing outside. Here's Uncle Kevin and Brayden having a sword fight wirh sticks.
Heaton family reunion's are always so much fun and we hate to see it end when everyone has to go home.
Till next year...