Monday, June 18, 2012

Emily's big break.

Two thursday's ago everyone was out front taking advantage of our warm non windy afternoon weather we were having. Miss Emily was riding her newly fixed bike up and down the street. Her back tire has had a slow leak since we gave it to her for her birthday last year. This mom finally remembered to pick up a new tube just a few days before so that dad could fix her tire once and for all. No more blowing it up just to have it flat a few hours later!

She was riding her bike in front of the house when she tipped it to much during a turn and crashed and burned. Kory and I were standing not 10 feet from her and saw her tip over. She of course started crying and complaining that she couldn't walk. Being she hadn't even tried to stand up we kept telling her to get up and brush it off. After several minutes of her not even trying I went over to try to console her and check her leg out. There appeared to be nothing wrong with her leg. No scrapes, No scrath, No blood, No nothing!! Kory and I kept telling her to toughten up and to brush it off.  She would NOT get up and started crawling into the house. Kory came over, picked her up and carried her in. It was when he sat her on the couch we discovered a huge goose egg on the front of her leg. It wasn't there when she was outside. I didn't know you could get a goose egg other than your head!

Having just sent the hospital a check to start off our 3 month payment plan for Baby Kylie I didn't want to rush Emily to the Doctor for no reason. Kory called a friend/co-worker and on the side EMT to check out her leg. When Eric first saw her his opinion was to take her in for an x-ray. However, when he started touching and pushing on her leg he decided that more than likely she had just sprained her leg and the bike hit her shin bone hard enough to cause the goose egg. Emily could wiggle her toes and move her ankle so chances are it wasn't broken. Her ankle and foot started to swell up and so we immediatley started icing it.  Three days later on Sunday we had a brother-in-law, Jim who is also an EMT come take a look at it. The goose egg was gone but her foot and toes were still swollen. He could get Emily to wiggle her toes and ankle so he too thought she had probably just sprained it. However we couldn't get her to stand on it or apply any pressure to her foot with out her crying out. I also felt like she wasn't sleeping very well at night and was then of course AWNERY during the next day. At the same time Emily was saying that she thought her leg was getting better everyday and hurt less and did NOT want to go to the doctors. Yet she crawled and scooted all over the place not using her "bad" leg. I felt confused and wasn't sure what to do. Miss Kylie had her 2 week doctors appt. that upcoming tuesday and so I decided I would take Emily in too just as a precaution. I wanted a doctor's opinion and help with how to make her leg better. The kids and I were going to go to Hurricane Monday and than stay a few days at Grandma and Grandpa's anyways. Kylie's doctos appt. got bumped from tue to wed. and so the kids and I didn't leave until tuesday morning. Mom and dad were able to see the way Emily was acting with her leg and agreed with me that I should probably take her in too. Our appt was at 9am wed. morning. I borrowed a double stroller from Sheri to put both Kylie and Emily in so I wouldn't have to carry both of them into the doctor's office. I love Dr. Worwood. He didn't even touch Emily's leg. Once he heard that she had had a goose egg on her leg he sent us over for an x-ray. Just a few minutes later we were back at the doctor's and he was pulling up her digital x-ray. As soon as I saw the picture I could tell she had a nice break! I felt so bad now knowing that my 5 year old had gone 6 days with a broken leg!

Emily with some help chose hot pink for her cast color. This cast goes up to her thigh, it can NOT get wet and isn't weight bearing. Doctor would prefer her not to use crutches as kids will usually try using their leg before they should. So for the next 4-6 weeks it's like having a crawling toddler again. She scoots around on her bum all over the place. She's still pretty independent. She can get up and down the stairs herself, goes to the bathroom by herslef and can still dress her self. At her next appt. another x-ray will be taken. If her leg is healing a new cast will be put on. This time it will only go up to her knee, be weight bearing so she can walk on it and be water proof. This cast will be on for an additional 2-4 weeks. If it takes the full 10 weeks she'll be having her cast removed during the 1st week of school. I'm hoping and praying her leg will heal quickly so we can enjoy some of our summer cast free. I'm a bit irritated with the whole situation. Kory has finally been put on the day schedule and the kids and I had plans for this summer. I wanted to be able to take them to Zion's and Bryce Canyon by myself this summer. Emily has been begging me for swim lessons too. With her not being able to walk at the moment this leaves me with 3 in strollers if we went hiking. I can't do that by myself and even with the big kids help I don't think we'd have much fun! Swim lessons are definelty out of the question too.  I went to Wal Mart on our way home from Grandma's by myself with everyone and it wasn't easy. I had to put Kylie in the basket part in her car seat and then Brayden in the front. I then had to put Emily in the basket of a second cart and had Hunter push it for me while I was pushing the other cart. Just crazy! We'll have to find some different activities for our summer this year.


katielyn said...

Oh my! That cast is so big! Bummer on the medical bills. I know how you feel.