Friday, June 08, 2012

Newborn Photo Shoot

I miss my best friend, April. She lived right across the street from us in Prescott Valley. One of her many talents was taking awsome photos in her front room and turning them into professional pictures. She was so good at this. I had the intention's of visiting her sometime after Kylie was born to have her take some pictures for me. However her family recently started a new adventure by moving to Minnesota. As much as I'd like to visit her she's just to far away at the moment. These past few day's I've tried to do my own photo shoot with what little knowledge I picked up from her. I wish I paid more attention now!  I bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 from Costco many years ago. I tried using it way back then and got frusturated knowing April was across the street and could do what was taking me hours in just a few minutes. Direction's did not come with this progam. I've decided it isn't very user friendly to someone who is just starting in photo editing. I keep looking up some of my question's on YouTube trying to get answers. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's been quite frusturating and I'm about ready to just email April some pictures to work her majic on then.  Here are just a few picutres I've been playing with tonight...

I like this picture but the tulle was a bit scratchy and has left her litte tummy splotchy. I'd like to fix this but so far haven't been able to figure it out. One day, hopefully!

 This one's Madelyn's favorite. I just wish I caught more of her face.

 I love the spit bubble below.

 By the time we were done we both felt like this. She is not crying just yawning very largely!
I love it.
I've got about 70 more photos to go through. I used a few different back ground cloths and props. I also have a few picture ideas to take outside but am waiting on better weather. It's finally warm around here, like over 70 degree's but the dang wind won't go away. I don't mind a little breeze but what we've got is just crazy. Our wind gusts are usually around 15-20 mph which is too much for me anyways but twice this week we have had gusts of wind around 55mph (been happening at least once a week for a while now). My very full trash can keeps getting blown over, branches in our trees are breaking off and my stroller took a joy ride down the street all by itself. I just can't take my baby girl out in weather like that! I thought it was funny today when Kory came home for lunch amd started complaining about the wind AGAIN. His comment was something like this "We are not living Alton for long if this dang wind continues on like it has been so far this year." Amen. I couldn't agree with him more! I just feel bad he's the one working out in it.


Sara said...

Congratulations, Tina! She's absolutely beautiful. It almost makes me want another one.

katielyn said...

Those are fabulous! I can't believe you took them yourself! Some hints with PSE (it is about 1000 times easier than PS, so when you get angry, just remember that it could be 1000 times worse!): look into actions (I haven't played with them much, but my aunt- my digital guru- swears by them).